Clients Briefs


Weetabix Food Company is the second largest branded manufacturer of cereals and cereal bars in the United Kingdom. They were running a complex spiders web of 3rd party applications and complex integration points that was proving to be very costly. Their vision was to have one solution to run their business globally. They selected Columbus to help them because of our expertise in food, global presence and after go live service. The key benefit for Weetabix is the improved access to information. All departments and roles will have access to relevant information at the right time and on whatever device.

"Columbus is a key player in the food manufacturing industry and their global presence was a key consideration for us. They have the right expertise across all levels to help our deployment and aftercare support"

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Fairfax Meadow

Fairfax Meadow is a large catering butcher who blends advanced manufacturing techniques with the skills of the traditional butcher to deliver quality meat at competitive prices. They produce a large range of products for a very wide range of customers and they needed a solution that could make order processing and delivery as efficient and effective as possible. By selecting the ColumbusFood solution Fairfax Meadow has been able to respond to their own objectives to provide exceptional customer services and quality of product. Key benefits have included tighter control on the shop floor, access to real time information, shorter time to input sales orders, improved customer service and a reduction in administration time.

"The Columbus solution has given us tighter control on the shop floor. We are able to collect information in real-time. This means when a customer asks a query, we can answer him not only quickly but with up to-the minute information."

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Origin is a fast growing agri services business with operations in numerous countries. They had a large number of disparate systems running in different departments and geographies. Origin chose the ColumbusFood solution so that they could benefit from the process efficiencies of one solution running throughout the business. Origin want to continue to grow through acquisition and now have a solution that enables them to streamline their business processes, to make them consistent and readily replicable.

"Columbus combined an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and distribution with a corporate culture that we really bought into. The Columbus people know what they're talking about, they work as a team, and they are confident and self-assured - because they've done it before, and can be upfront and honest about what will and won't work."

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RICH Products

Rich Products is a global producer of bakery goods with 7,500 employees and an annual turnover of $3bn. Rich Products objectives were based around the need to be world class at innovation, customer service and delivering products. There old systems were out dated and were not able to help with some key requirements including forecasting, fixed asset control and holistic inventory control. In addition, data extraction was slow and unreliable and the interface was not user-friendly enough to teach staff how to use it properly. Rich Products selected a ColumbusFood solution and have seen some significant benefits:

  • Raw material inventory has been reduced by 10%
  • On Time In Full (OTIF) service levels have increased by 1% to 98.5%
  • Indirect headcount — those not involved in manufacture — has been reduced by 15%
  • Yield figures are live so amendments are made immediately

"We now have visible stock. Whereas before people had to go around counting things and we'd get an update perhaps once a day, now the system updates in real time."

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Bateel is a fast growing international producer of gourmet confectionery. The Bateel processing units buy from their own farms and then sell the finished products on to the company-owned and franchised retail outlets. They required a solution that could handle all these operations. One of the main problems they were experiencing was an inability to automatically feed data about production cost into their financial systems. They selected the Columbus solution because of the industry and implementation expertise. They have had many benefits from the solution including:

  • Streamlining business processes
  • Improved inventory control and business flow
  • Improved reporting and analysis
  • Increased integration across the whole business

"We can now control all our operations and get more refined information shared across all parts of the business production cycle."

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D'Arrigo Brothers

D'Arrigo Brothers is a producer of fresh produce. They were using a system that was very manual leading to very time consuming, error prone re-keying and the there was a lack of real time insight into inventory leading to under and over selling. They selected the ColumbusFood solution which has led to benefits in real-time insight and control over its business, helping to improve productivity, profitability, and customer relationships. Other benefits include:

  • Over 80 hours per week less time spend on administration
  • Ability to track the expiration dates of produce
  • Ability to handle the buyback of produce

"Before we make a sale, we know exactly what the margin will be and how that fits into our business plan, which has undoubtedly made us a more profitable business."

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Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen, an award winning specialty food manufacturer, struggled to see a full view of inventory, product lead time and customer data from their disparate, piecemeal systems. They knew that in order to offer the exceptional customer service they wanted they would need to streamline their business solutions and update their systems. Stonewall Kitchen selected Columbus because of the industry expertise. Since the implementation the business has grown by 400% through increased productivity, improved cross-division communication and a growth in customer service.

"ColumbusFood helps us work faster and get more orders out the door. If we didn't have it, we would never be this big."

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Park 100 Foods

Park 100 Foods manufactures custom food solutions including frozen soups, sauces, chili, side dishes, gravies, fruit toppings, dips, entrees and portioned breaded meat. Expanded manufacturing facilities, new products and an ever increasing customer base stretched Park 100 Foods 15-year old system to its limit. This was time consuming, had operational complications, restrictive functionality and cumbersome data output. An ever-sophisticated and demanding customer base, coupled with new, stringent compliance requirements for ingredient labeling and processing, required a flexible, scalable and user friendly solution. Columbus had the experience and expertise they were looking for and there was an immediate effect on productivity and ROI. The Integration of ColumbusFood was key to Park 100 Foods enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, synergetic functionality and new growth opportunities.

"We anticipate that Park 100 Foods will grow 100-200 per cent due to the implementation of this state-of-the-art system. Don't compare — don't waste your time, save time — and money, purchase ColumbusFood, you won't regret it — ever!"

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Jasper Wyman

Jasper Wyman and Son is a producer of wild blueberries. Founded in 1874, Jasper Wyman has over 7,000 acres of blueberry barrens, 16 acres of cranberry bogs and owns or has affiliations with six processing plants. Jasper Wyman was dissatisfied by the inability of their previous solution to help carry them into a new era of business. By instituting ColumbusFood, the business received the total support they needed for all their food processing operations, including functionality for all key business areas, such as financial, accounting, manufacturing and distribution systems.

"To ensure that the products we deliver to market represent the highest quality possible we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and follow the strictest food safety and processing practices."

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State Garden

State Garden is the major supplier of fresh cut spinach and celery. State Garden had many process manufacturing issues as well as distribution issues. They were looking for a product with tremendous flexibility so that the product would be able to adapt to their ever-changing business needs. In particular, issues such as lot traceability at the raw material level were of critical importance. With ColumbusFood, State Garden received the fully integrated solution they were looking for, complete with the necessary tools for efficient true lot tracking. With Columbus State Garden not only received the tracking capabilities they needed, they also expanded their operations, including acquisitions and new business lines.

"Columbus has helped us being very effective in managing recalls, and that incorporated with the other policies and procedures that we have in place, makes us very effective."

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Royal Canin

Royal Canin, a subsidiary of Mars / Masterfood, is a major manufacturer and distributor of pet foods. They were looking for a corporate solution that would give them insight into the business and harmonize the financial operations. Through working with Columbus they now have a role based solution that gives them full real time visibility of their data, transparency of their reporting and control of their corporate accounting.

"We are extremely satisfied with the decision to work with Columbus."


Alfred C. Toepfer International

Alfred C. Toepfer International is a leading trader of grain, selling around 3.5 million tons a year. There old solution was unable to give them reliable and timely information and required many manual intensive tasks to run the business. Alfred C Toepfer selected a solution from ColumbusFood. The new solution has enabled them to:

  • Automate their trade, purchasing and logistics operations
  • Adopt a paperless invoicing and approvals process
  • Deal with the increasing burden of compliance
  • Improve supply chain collaboration
  • Increase production efficiency and make decisions based on real time

"The Columbus solution has increased operational efficiency and given increased visibility of the financial and economic indicators that help decision-making in real time."



Specialty chocolate producer Carletti, was looking to build a competitive advantage through increasing the operational efficiencies throughout their supply chain. To help them do this Carletti worked with Columbus and their food solution. A key factor in the decision was the industry expertise of Columbus and the EDI functionality built into the solution. The new solution has led to:

  • Lower administrative costs due to the elimination of data re-entry, postage and reduction in loading errors
  • Increased cooperation and coordination of supply chain
  • Reduced costs in production and logistics
  • A reduction in stock
  • Increased visibility of data from across the business

"Real time information from across the building has led to more accurate and timely decisions."


Jacobsens Bakery

Jacobsens Bakery is a global cake maker baking almost 7 million cakes a day with exports to 71 countries. They were looking for an ERP solution that would ensure they can accurately plan production, prevent any delays and improve the reliability of supply. Jacobsens selected Columbus for its industry expertise and the flexibility of the solution. The key benefits of the solution have been:

  • Improvement in the management of transportation
  • Increased financial and budget control
  • Ecommerce capabilities

"The consultants at Columbus have great expertise and know what is important to our business. I do not hesitate to say that we get the best quality for the money spent."



Palink is a global food manufacturer and distributor who were looking for a complete end to end food manufacturing and warehouse management solution. They worked with Columbus due to their industry expertise. Their main requirement of the solution was flavor stability and quality assurance. Happily for Palink they also received many more benefits from the solution including:

  • Complete traceability of the production process
  • Increased product quality
  • Improved warranty management
  • Increased visibility of the business data
  • Improved integration with other systems

"Before working with Columbus we had no visibility into where we were making money and losing money."


Harry's CIS

Harry's is a leading manufacturer of confectionery and bakery products with 900 employees and 120 suppliers of raw materials producing 250 different lines. They had been using a solution that was now obsolete and therefore visibility of data and accurate reporting were causing problems. Harry's selected ColumbusFood which has enabled them drive efficiencies in their complex business processes and gain real time access to valuable reporting to ensure better decision making in the future. The new solution is easier faster and safer. The monthly financial report now takes 2 days compared to 7 with the old solution.

"The implementation success is down to the great team work of the Columbus and Harry's project team."



Uhrenholt is one of the largest global food distributors working with more than 3000 commodities, including dairy and meat products, seafood, frozen vegetables and groceries, across major food retailers and the hospitality industry. Their old solutions did not have the flexibility they required, there were too many manual processes and there was no visibility of key data. Their key requirements for a new solution were based around efficiency gains through financial control, automation of processes, management of costs and better reporting. They selected Columbus because of their knowledge of the food industry. This has enabled them to reach a new level of interaction with customers and partners, ensure the growth of company profits and gain a competitive advantage in terms of inventory management, pricing and merchandising.

"We managed to reduce the cost of delivery of products by 38%, dramatically increase the quality control of shipped orders and minimize the cost of returning goods."



Unimilk consists of 25 companies producing 700,000 tonnes of dairy products a year. They had multiple disparate systems and a lack of standardized processes throughout the business. They were looking for a solution to consolidate all of the management information. The solution they were looking for needed to offer high levels of performance and deal with the specific features of the dairy industry including the short product life cycle. They have worked with Columbus and now have a centralized solution with 1300 concurrent users all working in a standardized manor which has transformed the business. These new streamlined processes coupled with real time insight into inventory and expiration dates have improved productivity and customer service.

"With the Columbus Solution there is now a framework in place to support the future expansion plans."


SPI Group

SPI Group is one of the world's leading beverage companies with 30 companies in the group and is the owner of the famous Stolichnaya Premium Vodka brand. SPI Group controls the processes from grain, through production to sales and distribution. They have selected Columbus because of their experience and expertise in the Food and Beverage sector. The objectives of the new solution are to maximize efficiency and overall business performance. They want one solution that covers the entire process from manufacturing to distribution and retail.

"Columbus has more than 20 years of experience in the industry converting knowledge into value for food and beverage manufacturers."


Rıgas Piensaimnieks

Rıgas Piensaimnieks is a dairy manufacturer producing over 100 different products that are distributed all over the world. After many years of growth, the company had outgrown its legacy system, which was unable to provide sufficient financial figures and ensure proper business process management through correct planning and analysis. Columbus has helped Rıgas Piensaimnieks implement a single, integrated solution that supports the entire business process, reporting and analysis. This allows for better evaluation of effectiveness and planning of future work, transportation routes, stocks and production volumes. By using the new solution, Rıgas Piensaimnieks can register sales orders, calculate the customer's prices, promotions and generate sales invoices automatically.

"In the past, information on production and cost dynamics were difficult to access, but now it is available in real-time every day."



Mantinga is a large frozen and chilled food manufacturer. The company was founded in 1998 and produces more than 300 different types of products that are exported to 30 countries around the world, employing more than 1000 people. The company production area is over 20,000 square meters and will be expanded by a further 5,000 m2 in the next two years. Mantinga had outgrown its old system and needed a global food manufacturing solution with the ability to integrate web and mobile solutions, have multiple deployments and deliver a return on investment in the shortest possible timeframe. Columbus was selected because of the expertise in both the food industry and ERP implementations. The benefits have included an increase of 10% in sales order fulfilment, 15% reduction in the need for working capital, increased real time visibility of business information and more accurate product costing.

"The daily management of the production process from the new solution ensures 100% quality of product produced."



Unilever in the Baltics has a turnover of over 600 Million Euros manufacturing a range of products, including a number of food items. They were unable to adapt their old system to the new business structure and processes. The solution that was chosen was ColumbusFood which has delivered a number of industry benefits including enhancements to the production process and management of the supply chain. The new solution has also enabled better management of the companies through more effective and accurate reporting.

"I would recommend Columbus. The whole team has great knowledge of food production and key business processes."


United Coffee

United Coffee is one of the largest enterprises in its field in Europe and the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world. United Coffee employs nearly 1,000 people, roasts over 60,000 tons of coffee per year and serves 20 million cups per day through 25,000 outlets. Due to organizational changes United Coffee wanted a centralized system to enable the business to grow. ColumbusFood was selected due to the industry expertise and implementation methodology. The key focus area for the new solution has been the management of the account, customer and storage systems as well as their internal logistics.

"ColumbusFood was singled out and selected because of the experience and methodology within manufacturing."


Daniel Thwaites

Founded in 1807, Daniel Thwaites PLC is a major independent family brewer with an estate of 350 pubs, a small but growing group of coaching inns and six four-star regional hotels and spas. In addition, Thwaites supplies a full range of drinks to many independently owned pubs, clubs and restaurants and a wide range of bottled beers to most major supermarkets. Daniel Thwaites selected the ColumbusFood solution to enable the business to stay competitive and have access to relevant, accurate and timely information. They also liked the fact that ColumbusFood was a very user friendly and cost effective solution.

"ColumbusFood enables us to make decisions based on up-to-date analysis, and helps us to streamline our current business processes, and provide the flexibility necessary for our future development."



Dunbia, formed in 1976, is a leading international supplier of meat. By mid-2011 acquisition and organic expansion had left them with 5 ERP systems spread over 10 operating sites. Operations had become cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient. There was a great need to standardise and get to a point where they could have one version of the truth. Dunbia selected ColumbusFood which met the majority of needs right out of the box but with the headroom for the business to grow.

"Columbus were selected for their deep bench of food manufacturing experience."


Muffin Town

Muffin Town is a leading baked goods manufacturer and distributor. Many of their employees relied on manual processes to operate the business day-to-day. Employees had to complete visual stock confirmations to obtain accurate information and were required to store information in multiple disparate spreadsheets to manage daily operations. ColumbusFood offered a team of industry professionals and provided Muffin Town the specific food processing functionality that they sought, including: Formulation, Production Planning and Production Control. With ColumbusFood they have been able to optimize production, manage expanding customer demand and keep profit margins high creating an unprecedented twenty-percent sales growth.

"I don’t know how I would run the business without ColumbusFood. I don’t know if we would be in business right now if it weren’t for the implementation."