Clients Briefs is a network of more than 90 shoe outlets serviced by 8000 square metres of warehousing space. To grow the efficiency of the business they wanted to ensure they had the most efficient warehouse and logistics functionality possible. They worked with Columbus to help fully automate all the warehousing processes, cutting down the costs to enable them to cut the price for the consumer. Today 12,000 boxes leave their distribution center daily. The new solution has enabled to reduce the execution time within the warehouse operations and monitor every action of the employees.

"By working with Columbus we now have a fundamentally different level of business. Together, we have been able to practically rebuild the processes in the warehouse and distribution center."



Rembyttekhnika sells maintenance services, repairs and parts for household appliances through a network of shops, service centers and online, employing over 2000 people. The lack of transparency within the business and a poor control of the finances meant that the planning process was based on assumptions. Rembyttekhnika selected a Columbus solution to help them with the automation of back-office retail and wholesale trade, including warehouse, distribution and pricing of goods on the shopping network, and a system of reporting and analysis. Early benefits have proved to be the quality and timeliness of the business information, the automation of the warehouse and distribution functions and the increased productivity of the employees.

"Thanks to the experts at Columbus we now have modern and functional solution that will not only manage the business today, but will also help us develop in the future."



Eason’s, founded in 1819, is a major book retailer with more than 60 stores. They were looking for an ecommerce website to support their multichannel retailing strategy and offer the best possible online customer experience. Eason’s selected ColumbusRetail to help them. As well as an exciting new look and feel, the freshly launched website includes an updated product range, improved search functionality and greater online accessibility making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. The new website also allows them to focus on enhanced customer engagement, as they can better target content, promotions and loyalty-based schemes, and integrate them seamlessly across the stores and website. So far Eason’s has won ‘Best Customer Experience’ and ‘National Website of the Year’ at the Retail Excellence Awards.

"It gives us one view of the customer and allows us to offer greater consistency in our service and lays the foundation for multichannel retailing."



Goodwins Builders Providers supplies building and construction materials. Established in 1978, the company has been providing building products, construction and home improvement materials to the market for over thirty years. With the economic downturn Goodwins has had to radically streamline its business and with the help of ColumbusRetail and vastly broadened its reach and improved customer service, all whilst greatly increasing efficiency. Some of the benefits have included:

  • Selling wider range of products
  • Improved stock management
  • Real-time visibility of product pricing and information for customers
  • Increased orders outside local area
  • Cost of e-commerce site less than opening new store
  • increased online profile and credibility

"The Columbus team really stepped up to get the system in as quickly and smoothly as possible"


Lucky Vitamins

Lucky Vitamins was first established in 2004 as one of the internet's pioneers for online distribution of health and wellness products in the vitamin and supplement industry. Its founders had many years of experience in the natural health industry and wanted to bring that experience to a wider audience. They needed a solution to replace its website, call centre and back office systems, which process thousands of orders per day and turned to ColumbusRetail for help. The new solution now handles all of LuckyVitamin’s content management, merchandising, pricing, supplier management, promotion, shopping basket, order taking, call centre, customer service and back-office functions. By providing one version of the truth ColumbusMCR reduces administration, speeds up processes, and improves customer service.

"The ColumbusRetail solution is a great platform and has delivered as promised."


Orbital Response

Orbital Response provides an extensive range of outsourced marketing services, from call centre operations, order processing for mail order and Internet retailing, to pick/pack/dispatch and direct mail services. At peak times, the company processes up to 20,000 orders a day. They were struggling with 12 disparate IT systems which led to inefficiencies in the business. To help them they worked with ColumbusRetail to implement an end-to-end solution to provide comprehensive control over multi-channel sales, CRM, catalogue management, promotions, procurement, fulfilment, warehousing and customer service. The key benefit the solution has given them has been the ability to strategically expand their reach in to new markets and win new customers.

"You cannot underestimate how important it is to choose the right implementation partner. It is critical, absolutely critical"



Selling more than 2,000 industrial and commercial products from handling and lifting, health and safety, matting and storage, to cycle and seasonal products, PARRS is one of the largest suppliers of handling equipment. Growth ambitions were being stifled with outdated and inefficient systems. After a significant selection process PARRS selected ColumbusRetail to manage everything from telephone sales, customer service, order management, direct marketing, together with the core financial accounts and purchasing functionality. This has enabled them to optimise their marketing strategy, process payments, manage orders, automate correspondence and enable one-step returns, all whilst making significant cost savings and time efficiencies.

"We needed to make sure we were dealing with a company that would still work closely us with after go-live. Columbus gave the impression they would do that, and to be fair that’s exactly what they have done - definitely."


BVG Airflo

BVG-Airflo is a multi-channel retailer of footwear and clothing, fishing tackle and home and garden products through mail-order, Ecommerce, newspaper branded reader offers, B2B distribution, retail shops and export. Growing expansion and acquisitions meant that their old system could not give them access to the data they required in the time they needed it. The Columbus solution now gives BVG-Airflo the ability to make the right strategic decisions about which products to trade in a rapidly changing market. This has been a key component in their success.

"We are really pleased we chose Columbus to guide us through the implementation. Their open, honest and outspoken approach was exactly what was needed to ensure the project was a success."


Bo Concept

Bo Concept is a global leader in interior design. A key requirement was the efficient logistics between the BoConcept stores, factories, and suppliers. It does not matter if customer orders furniture in a store in Tokyo, New York or Paris, the clerk needs to give them a date for when the made to order furniture will be delivered. They selected Columbus because of the experience in the retail sector and the global nature of their business. The solution controls the flow of information throughout the chain. It is updated daily with product information, delivery times, etc., so that they always have current information in the stores. Now the seller has the confidence when placing the order that the furniture will be delivered in time.

"The ColumbusRetail Solution was a great choice for us."

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HDS Polska

HDS Polska has stores in over 650 locations in 15 countries selling News and Gifts, Food and Beverages and Duty Free. With so many shops and products the effective flow of supplies is essential. They were using a number of out of date systems which were unable to give the business the information required. With Columbus they now have a fully automated solution that enables them to analyze real time information for better decision making. The business is now more effective and efficient and productivity has greatly increased.

" The automated reporting now gives managers access to a huge amount of vital analysis."

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Pepco, with over 230 stores selling discounted consumer goods, aims at delivering exceptional customer service with extremely competitive pricing. Pepco has plans to open a further 200 stores over the coming years but was unable to do so with their current solution. The business was run on a large number of spread sheets that were time consuming and prone to error. With ColumbusRetail they now have a single view of all stores and all operations. They are now able to ensure that the shelves are filled with products that consumers want, when they want them, customer service levels have increased and operations has control over inventory turnover rates.

"ColumbusRetail has transformed mountains of disorganized information into valuable business intelligence that has helped Pepco make well-informed decisions and spot evolving customer trends fast."

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ID design

ID design is the purchasing arm behind three retail chains with over 110 stores and 250,000 invoices posted annually. They were looking to significantly enhance their daily communication and billing to gain a better control of inventory, logistics and internal procurement. They were keen to take advantage of e-commerce, data warehousing, Supply Chain Management, EDI and better communication options. Through selecting ColumbusRetail they are now able to have an accurate picture of stock, delivery times, prices and orders. That gives the shops quick access to important information that helps them in sales situations. They have also strengthened logistics significantly which has ensured faster delivery of their carpets, furniture and curtains to customers.

"The Columbus solution contains all the right building blocks to give ID design a great foundation for the future."

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Tallina Kaubamaja

Tallina Kaubamaja is one of the oldest and largest department stores in Estonia with a wide range of products including everything from food and fashion to furniture. Recently, the company outgrew its existing system, which had trouble handling the new trends and increased volume. Furthermore, it was unable to support the country's conversion to EURO in 2011. Columbus helped Tallinna Kaubamaja implement a retail solution, which it has used since January 1st, 2011 in all 9 subsidiaries. The system has over 300 users and enables Tallinna Kaubamaja to run the business more efficiently with less risk. New functionalities are quick and easy to add.

"It was obviously a risk to change our business solution on the same day the country changed the currency, but everything worked seamlessly. Much of this success is down to the hard work of the implementation teams from Tallinna Kaubamaja and Columbus."

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Swiss Farms

Swiss Farms is a sophisticated convenience store, a drive-through take-away and a pick warehouse —all in one. In the beginning this hybrid structure was a competitive advantage, but as the company grew the POS system, for example, couldn't handle real-time price management. Information was scattered amongst multiple systems, and the application infrastructure couldn't support or cost effectively scale to meet the aggressive franchise growth strategy. After years of running on a variety of integrated point solutions, Swiss Farms is now converting all its operations to Columbus and one system. This will enable Swiss Farms to manage its business based on real-time performance indicators with visibility across both franchise and company locations. The solution is focused on digital signage to post specials, a new POS system to deal with pricing on specials, web order processing and business intelligence.

"We are now able to manage our business according to the wants and needs of our customers."

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Markevičius and Co

Markevičius and Co is a wholesaler and retailer of oils, lubricants and petroleum products. They were looking to optimize processes and gain greater insight into the business to improve efficiencies. The company represents ExxonMobil with an extensive network of distributors and partners selling over 1000 different products. Their old system was unreliable, requiring re-keying of data and many manual processes. It was also difficult to access meaningful data to make good business decisions. With the new solution from Columbus they have been seen significant benefits:

  • 50% increase in accessible information required for the management
  • 70% reduction in reporting time
  • 50% increase in efficiency
  • Elimination of the duplication of data
  • Optimized business processes leading to an increase in efficiency

"We were impressed with the expertise and professionalism of the Columbus team. They listened to our needs, communicated effectively and responded promptly to our questions."



ATEA is a large IT solutions and services supplier with over 6,000 employees in a number of countries. The solution they were using required a lot of manual re-keying that caused errors and delays. They were growing quickly but their system was unable to grow with them. They selected and implemented a solution from Columbus and have now eliminated many of the manual processes. A key benefit has been the increased service they have been able to offer their customers and because of the new solution they have won even more business.

"The quality of the customer service has increased greatly which has led directly to a rise in customer service which has led to more customers."



Minordija is a supplier of high quality food ingredients and raw materials to the bakery and confectionery sector. They were looking for a solution that would help them generate new business though more streamlined sales and marketing processes as well as a solution to run their business and give them increased access to their information. The new solution from Columbus has helped them improve the relationship with their customers as well as improve their inventory management.

"The project teams from Minordija and Columbus we all extremely professional and helped ensure a smooth implementation."



Comfy is a home appliance retailer with 76 stores in 36 cities offering over 10,000 different products. Comfy were using 15 separate systems across the business and the integrity of the data was being compromised. With the company growing they required one solution to manage the whole business. They selected Columbus due to their experience in retail and supply chain. They have seen some great benefits including:

  • Timely and accurate data to ensure better decision making
  • Streamlined business processes have let to improvements in operational efficiency
  • Tools to enable them to deal with the complexities of compliance

"I would like to commend Columbus for the work they have done with Comfy. We chose Columbus for their great knowledge of the retail sector and we were not disappointed."



L'Etoile, a world leader in perfumes and cosmetics, selected Columbus to help them optimize their supply chain. L'Etoile had been using multiple systems but this was leading to inefficiencies through too many manual processes and mistakes. A key motivating factor was their constant desire for customer excellence. Their new solution has given them the structure, processes and flexibility to ensure that the customer has access to the right products at the right locations. And with 200,000 customer taking advantage of the E'toile loyalty cards and discounts they can also do it at the right price.

"The success of the "L'Etoile" is based on our high standards of customer service. The flexibility of the Columbus solution helps to drive satisfaction levels."



The rapid expansion of the business and the move to larger warehouse facilities meant that fashion brand Savage was out growing their business processes and their IT systems. A key requirement for Savage was to speed up the warehouse process with advanced IT systems. Savage selected ColumbusSCS to enable them to improve efficiencies. This has included voice recognition in the warehouse, narrow isle technology and transparency of information to enable real time reporting. All this led to:

  • Increased processing speed and volume of shipments
  • Reduction in workforce
  • Orders and shipments completed on the same day
  • Increased acceptance of goods
  • Almost 100% warehouse efficiency
  • Huge reduction in complaints

"The team at Columbus showed great professionalism and expertise through the whole project."



OBI is a chain of 540 Do It Yourself stores with 38,000 employees. The philosophy of OBI is around excellence in the Supply Chain and therefore they wanted to ensure that they had the most efficient processes and technology in their distribution centre and warehouses, OBI selected ColumbusSCS which has led to the speeding up of handling and an increase in turnover. One of the benefits of the Columbus solution was that they were able to deliver an end to end solution where the ERP and Supply Chain Solution were connected. There is now total transparency of goods in the supply chain and with their new warehouse practices including methods such as cross docking they have:

  • Considerably reduced the time of goods in transit from supplier to store shelf
  • Increased the efficient use of storage space
  • Harmonized the procurement process
  • Increased turnover
  • Increased speed of warehouse handling

"The automation of many of the distribution processes has led to increased operational efficiencies and greater visibility of the business."



Fortuna is a leading distributor of tobacco products with 13 regional branches, collaboration with over 6500 retail outlets over 40 cities. Rises in the price of raw materials along with increased competition in the market led Fortuna to look to improve their efficiencies and update their information systems. Fortuna selected industry expert Columbus and now has a solution that runs throughout the business that helps manage costs, drive efficiencies and connect the supply chain that has led to increased business and a great outlook for the future.

"Columbus was selected for its expertise in retail, global presence and experience of implementing successful projects."


Arrow Uniform

Employing over 700 people, family owned and operated since 1937, Arrow Uniform services over 15,000 businesses through the sales, rental, and cleaning of industrial work uniforms, career apparel, entrance mats, safety solutions, and related items. Arrow Uniform was looking for a solution to facilitate collaboration across all areas of the organization. They wanted to have access to all the information that they needed to provide their customers the best service possible. Arrow Uniform selected Columbus for their deep industry knowledge and many years of experience.

"We are excited to partner with Columbus and leverage their significant industry experience in helping companies like ours."


History & Heraldry

History & Heraldry is an award winning gift manufacturer and retailer with representation in more than 50 international markets. It is a high speed business that relies on consumers being inspired to buy on impulse. They were using an aging solution that was unable to keep up with the growth of the business. Having selected Columbus they have recognized many benefits throughout their whole process from manufacturing to supply chain and ultimately to the retail arm of their business. These benefits have included managing multiple manufacturing processes, enhanced picking in the warehouse and rapid sales order entry.

"We were particularly impressed by Columbus and the deep level of application and business knowledge their team demonstrated. This, coupled with Columbus' geographic reach which allows them to service each of the countries we operate in, meant that Columbus were the ideal partner for us."


Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is a luxury silversmiths, with 100 stores globally, employing over 1000 people. Before they selected and implemented ColumbusRetail they had seven different systems, leading to a heavy reporting process. There requirement was for more agile processes and the need for transparency. They have rolled out the Columbus solution to all retail outlets and subsidiaries and they are now benefiting from a more streamlined business.

"The Columbus Solution, hosted in Copenhagen is now the focal point for the entire business."



Kari was established in 2012 offering a diverse range of fashion footwear and accessories at an affordable price and now has over 100 stores, with a target of 1000 by 2015. This rapid growth required a strong system to build all the relevant business processes around the entire operation. They selected Columbus because of the industry and ERP expertise as well as the geographic coverage. Key requirements that have been achieved have included operational management of assortment and supply, full and partial inventory, flexible pricing, consolidated information from across the business, and complex warehousing and logistics including a high intensity of cross docking. All of which have combined to ensure that Kari has the right goods, in the right stores all the time.

"Using ColumbusRetail KARI has realized its ambitious plans for network growth and created a reliable information base for the expansion and development in the coming years."



Muztorg is a leading retailer of musical instruments, sound, studio and lightening equipment for the business sector. There rapid expansion meant that they had outgrown their legacy ERP system and that they needed to optimize their business processes. A key element of the implementation was to automate the management of the warehouse. Muztorg selected the ColumbusRetail solution and have realized some great benefits including:

  • 2.5 times faster acceptance of supplies
  • Significantly increased the accuracy of product placement
  • Total assembly time and control orders for shipments decreased by 45%.
  • Reduced requirements for qualification of personnel saved costs

"From the first minute Columbus convinced us of their professionalism and expertise. So we were confident that the launch would be smooth, and the risks would be minimized. And now, at the end of the project, we are fully satisfied with the results of our cooperation."



Lightning is a food retailer with 15 stores selling over 38,000 items. The stores attract over 1 million customers a month looking for low prices with great shopping facilities in a modern environment. Significant growth led to the need for new systems to retain their competitive advantage. They selected Columbus to help them and they have now recognized a vast improvement in operational performance.

"We turned to the consulting company, Columbus, knowing that it has considerable expertise in retail and a wealth of experience to optimize ERP solutions in terms of business processes."


Golder Electronics

Golder Electronics was established in 1993 to manufacture, retail and maintain small audio and video appliances and consumer goods. The expansion of the retail network and the expansion of the product range led to the requirement for a more sophisticated business solution. They selected Columbus to help them implement industry-specific business processes, improve performance, increase the visibility of the business and have centralized control of each operation. They also wanted to ensure the solution was scalable and flexible to the changing demands of a highly competitive market. The new solution has enabled them to improve the management of the financial, trade, procurement and logistics operations.

"There is now full real time visibility of stock throughout the entire supply chain."


East Tech

East Tech, the largest Caterpillar reseller in the world, specializes in the sale and service of new and used construction and mining equipment. They required a solution to optimize the entire life cycle management of the lease, have transparent cost calculations of machinery and simplify the management reporting. They selected Columbus because of the industry and ERP implementation expertise. They now receive holistic and accurate information about the condition and value of all the leased fleet vehicles that has helped to improve the satisfaction levels with existing and potential customers.

"Industry expertise and many years of professional experience of successful implementation of IT projects became compelling arguments in favor of using Columbus."


Nordic Rentals

Nordic Rentals is one of Europe's largest suppliers of audio, lighting, AV and stage equipment. Their previous system was limiting growth and therefore in 2010 they selected Columbus to implement a new solution. One of the key benefits has been the increased visibility of the business. Nordic Rental now has accurate analysis on real time data that has given them the opportunity to follow their growth strategy acquisitions.

"Columbus has provided skilled and patient consultants who have taken us by the hand and helped us through the demanding process of implementing our six or seven companies all at once."


Gala Center

Gala Center, founded in the early 90s, specializes in the wholesale and distribution of consumer goods including tools and auto accessories, household and kitchen goods, gifts, sporting and recreation goods. To help promote growth they wanted a flexible pricing policy, improved quality of service and reduced cost of processing and storage of goods. They selected the Columbus solution because it was the most reliable, productive and repeatedly proven solution. The benefits have included improved operations of their complex warehouses, reduced time and cost of storing goods, and improved completeness and quality in the execution of orders.

"We continue to adjust and refine the solution and we are confident that the good support and quick response to new challenges from Columbus will help ensure continued success."



Pragmatic, a supplier of stationary and office products, has over 40,000 corporate customers and carries out 1,500 orders a day. As the company has grown, their previous system was unable to cope with the volume of data. A key requirement for the new solution was the automation of the procurement process. Pragmatic selected Columbus because of their industry expertise and the benefits have included the increased efficiency of key activities. These have included the organization of supplies and sales of office products, payments to partners and customers, and the inventory management. The other major benefits have been within the warehouse and logistics department and the visibility of the business information.

"The Columbus solution has had a very positive impact both on the current activities and on our long-term plans."


GSK – Fittingville

GSK – Fittingville is a supplier of components for heating, water and air space, with more than 1,500 customers and a product range of over 4,000 items. They were looking for a customer-orientated solution to help drive success and they selected Columbus because of their industry and functional expertise. GSK has now fully automated the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the end customer. Benefits have been recognized in the scheduling of deliveries of goods, supply chain management and payments to suppliers and customers. They now have full visibility of the business. This has led to customer orders increasing by 50%, sales growing by 42 %, while inventories have grown by only 20 %, which has meant a reduction in logistics costs.

"The Columbus Solution has allowed us to significantly increase sales and provide our customers with a quality and reliable service."



Toyota Motors wanted to increase their competitive advantage by offering continued high quality products, a wide product range, effective marketing and a strong relationship with dealers. They selected to work with Columbus to help them with the increased complexity of business processes they had encountered due to the growth of the business. They have now automated the whole process which has led to great efficiencies, transparency of the whole supply chain and large reductions in cost.

"I can confidently say that Columbus consultants are professionals in their field."