The offering

The ColumbusRetail Solution is built on Dynamics AX for Retail from Microsoft. As an end-to-end retail solution, ColumbusRetail connects critical point-of-sale (POS) and headquarter processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financials right out of the box for a comprehensive solution that delivers value in every area of the organization.

AX for Retail is the core of our ColumbusRetail solution and it is utilizing the entire stack from Microsoft including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office.

Columbus has extended this foundation with functionality specific for retailers including comprehensive merchandizing tools, warehousing , staff management, Ecommerce / Mcommerce and Business Intelligence – all based on Microsoft technology and all integrated.

ColumbusRetail has a unique structure which makes upgrades and enhancements easily and cost effective to maintain.

From the back end to the front end retail store, ColumbusRetail bridges the gap between business and technology


ColumbusRetail Solution provides a 360 degree view of your business. This end-to-end solution enables retailers to have a full view of their business and all relevant data to monitor, make better business decisions and grow. 

ColumbusRetail delivers a full integration between back office, warehousing and your stores and effectively addresses major business processes for retail organizations.


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Point of Sale Technology
  • Control cash registers from one location to track orders, pre-payments, invoices and cash payments
  • Integrate Microsoft and third-party POS solutions, and synchronize master data and item sales information
Item Management
  • Track the status of returned items quickly and accurately from customer to original vendor
  • Perform advanced item searches
Inventory Management
  • Help create the best replenishment plan using real-time inventory level data
  • Define campaign distribution plans to push items from a central warehouse
  • Provide mobile access to warehouse processes for stocking and restocking, discard and return
Price Management
  • Print labels and shelf markers using individualized store layout
  • Manage pricing by store or group of stores
  • Setup and control flexible pricing and discounts
  • Assign a range of sales prices and discounts to any product, category, store or chain
  • Efficient way for customers to make purchases and drill down on content
  • Self-service environment for restocking and purchasing information
  • Interactive sites for agencies, dealers and distributors
  • Employees, call centers and remote offices access customer information
Critical Data Reporting
  • Analyse the factors that affect your bottom line with flexible, customizable analysis tools
  • Provide a management dashboard to staff which focuses them on key organisational data and trends, utilising predefined data cubes available 'out of the box'
  • Utilise other Microsoft Office products such as Excel to manipulate and present data directly taken from the Dynamics AX database, e.g. in a pivot table format
  • Extend business intelligence to all employees with the ability to create, modify, and share standard and ad-hoc reports
Store Management
  • Manage store closing and money count approval procedures
  • Prevent loss and reduce margin of error
  • Link all sales data on the transaction level from POS to the individual salesperson
Campaign Management
  • Use flexible price structures, allocations and adjustments
  • Optimize stock levels at stores and distribution centers
  • Manage campaigns and promotional pricing with integrated supply chain services
Warehouse Management
  • Track sales and inventory in real time using key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Use a mix of cross-docking, internal movement and vendor-ordering services
  • Calculate delivery dates based on predefined trade parameters
Supply Chain Management
  • Integrate planning, organization, execution, and follow-up for all supply chain flows
  • Setup centralized rules to guide ordering, replenishment and stock management
  • Negotiate with suppliers for the most advantageous pricing, timing and product placement
  • Boost operational efficiency and move goods efficiently