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Columbus helps retailers deliver the best experience for customers through our end to end omni-channel retail solution.

Our retail solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform and delivers the complete shopping experience including Point of Sales, Direct Commerce, Customer Care, Supply Chain and Business Planning, Finance, Warehouse and Transportation, Market Place integration and Ecommerce.

This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed customer expectations, and build enduring loyalty.

The business benefits of the Columbus Retail Solution include:


Improved customer experience 

Our retail solution puts your customer at the centre of your business and enables you to:

  • Increase customer visibility of orders across the full range of channels
  • Create and communicate personalised offerings and recommendations
  • Reward your customers to come back through a loyalty program
  • Offer consistent customer experience through rules based service and communications


Supply chain & multi-channel collaboration

Streamlining the integration of all your supply chain processes is crucial to stay competitive, and we can help you:

  • Implement a range of return processes with reason and disposition codes
  • Make accurate delivery and availability commitments including next day delivery  and click and collect functionality
  • Manage order profiling by brand and by channel and streamline order processing according to business rules
  • Optimize ordering, replenishment and stock management


Increased visibility of "Big Data"

Real time access to accurate business metrics is vital for your ability to make optimal business decisions, quickly and effectively. We can help you:

  • Access critical information across all your retail channels and improve visibility and margins
  • Provide business intelligence, such as channel, sales and vendor performance reports
  • Optimize performance through business intelligence, data mining, analytics and real time KPI monitoring


Financial management

A successful retail organisation needs to be built around a solid and flexible financial management systems. The Columbus solutions can help you:

  • Track your revenue, payables, receivables and cash flow with holistic views of business performance,
  • Utilize powerful, user-friendly tools to measure economic performance across operations,
  • Break down spend and calculate future costs – as well as reducing the time and effort required by compliance obligations.


Price and promotion strategy

Your ability to manage flexible pricing, discounts and promotional materials may prove a powerful competitive advantage. We can help you:

  • Manage pricing by store/channel and group of stores/channels
  • Assign a range of sales prices and discounts to any individual product, category, store/channel or chain
  • Use flexible price structures, allocations and adjustments
  • Manage campaigns and promotional pricing with integrated supply chain services
  • Control cash registers from one location to track orders, pre-payments, invoices and cash payments
  • Print customized labels and shelf markers

With more than 20 years in the market and 6.000 successful business cases, Microsoft recognizes Columbus as a global top 3 partner in the retail industry.

For more information on the functionality of the Columbus Retail solution visit our offerings page.

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