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    30th May, 2017
    How food manufacturers can respond to changes in consumer preferences

    With increased media attention, particularly around health related issues and failures by suppliers regarding their control of food sources, the consumer approach to buying food has experienced a move away from the more traditional selection process, to one that encompasses new influences impacting purchasing decisions. This blog post is part of our 'ask the Expert' series and was written by Columbus Consultancy Process Practice Director, Simon Noakes.

    Categories: Food

    28th March, 2017
    How to reduce risk and increase competitive standing in the food industry

    Companies that make and distribute food products are subject to stringent regulations that maintain safety and quality standards for ingredients, raw materials, and finished products.

    Categories: Food

    digital transformation infographic
    7th February, 2017
    What does digital transformation mean for your industry?

    What does digital transformation mean for your industry? Cloud technology continues to disrupt existing business models across industries, including manufacturing, food and retail.

    Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail

    Cloud transformation series
    How to start your cloud transformation journey

    An effective, low-risk cloud transition in manageable steps

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    Cloud transformation series
    A guide to transformation in the cloud

    Business is better at the speed of the cloud

    Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Digital Transformation

    Cloud transformation series
    Guide to transformation in the cloud for food businesses

    Lower risk and increasing the speed of doing business

    Categories: Food

    Cloud transformation series
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Columbus

    Start your cloud journey today

    Categories: Manufacturing, Retail, Food, Digital Transformation

    food manufacturing cloud animation
    10th January, 2017
    Why food manufacturing is better in the cloud [animation]

    You might be wondering, will taking your operations to the cloud really have an impact on your food manufacturing business? Well the answer is yes. By transforming your business in the cloud you can lower risk, and increase the speed of doing business, end to end! And that isn’t all…

    Categories: Food

    Why should food companies move to the cloud

    Modern cloud technology makes it possible for food companies to gain the intelligence, visibility, and control that enable them to produce top-quality products.

    Categories: Food

    What does digital transformation mean

    Driving better decision making.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Retail, Food, Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation with Columbus

    Improving the value realization of business application investments.

    Categories: Retail, Manufacturing, Food, Corporate, Digital Transformation

    How Columbus and Dynamics AX helps Natures Way Food

    Natures Way Foods combine the freshest lettuce with the latest food manufacturing technology.

    Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX