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    24th May, 2017
    A guide to solving compliance problems for discrete manufacturers

    Non-compliance has the ability to destroy the reputation of any company, and its balance sheet, overnight.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    15th May, 2017
    5 reasons discrete manufacturers struggle to maximise the use of assets

    Yet again, the discrete manufacturing industry is under pressure. With increased competition and a more demanding customer base forcing many manufacturers to look for new ways to increase their bottom line, it’s no surprise asset life extension is a popular topic.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    8th May, 2017
    How IoT can build additional revenue streams for discrete manufacturers

    If you speak to any discrete manufacturer, they will tell you that it’s getting even tougher to stand out to prospects and even their own customers with traditional product/service offerings.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    2nd March, 2017
    A guide to increasing competitive advantage for manufacturers

    After attending the Manufacturer Live Launch on February 21st, it became clear that this is a fantastic time for the manufacturing industry, with many companies launching exciting projects! The manufacturing industry has had a tough time of it recently, but thankfully, it has made a comeback and there are definitely businesses making up for lost time.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    digital transformation infographic
    7th February, 2017
    What does digital transformation mean for your industry?

    What does digital transformation mean for your industry? Cloud technology continues to disrupt existing business models across industries, including manufacturing, food and retail.

    Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail

    3rd February, 2017
    Why manufacturing is better in the cloud [animation]

    I’m sure that you’ve been thinking about the possibilities that the cloud can bring to your manufacturing business, but are unsure of the real benefits after transformation. Well, we can explain exactly what difference the cloud can make to your operations!

    Categories: Manufacturing

    23rd January, 2017
    Three reasons your manufacturing business should take notice of servitization

    If you’re a manufacturer that is trying to compete on product and pricing alone, I would like to take this time to introduce you to servitization.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Cloud transformation series
    How to start your cloud transformation journey

    An effective, low-risk cloud transition in manageable steps

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    Cloud transformation series
    A guide to transformation in the cloud

    Business is better at the speed of the cloud

    Categories: Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Digital Transformation

    Cloud transformation series
    A manufacturers guide to transformation in the cloud

    Unleash growth and productivity

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Cloud transformation series
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Columbus

    Start your cloud journey today

    Categories: Manufacturing, Retail, Food, Digital Transformation

    10th January, 2017
    Servitization - the what, the why, the how, and the when

    Servitization – a term that you might have heard being thrown about a lot in the manufacturing industry recently, but also a term that you’re unsure what it really means, and why it’s specifically important to manufacturing. Well, it’s all about changing a way of thinking (and doing), in terms of a focus on service as well as on product. In this blog, we explore exactly what Servitization is, why you should take notice, how to do it, and when to start. Interested? Keep reading…

    Categories: Manufacturing