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    18th September, 2017
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Full focus on the Cloud

    After months of waiting, it’s finally official! Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s full transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) has been announced at Directions North America conference in Orlando.

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    29th August 2017
    Video: The value of digital transformation

    Rightly, or wrongly, digital transformation has become a buzzword across most industries this year, so much so, the meaning and the value behind the phrase has become clouded. Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword... watch this video to learn more.

    Categories: Digital Transformation

    21st August 2017
    How to reduce costs while improving efficiency in your supply chain

    What is every manufacturers dream scenario when thinking about their supply chain? For the most part, it always includes cutting costs and improving efficiency or productivity, so we’re going to tell you how to do exactly that.

    Categories: Manufacturing

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    18th August 2017
    How to avoid ERP implementation failure in manufacturing

    Why and when do manufacturing companies adopt new ERP systems? In our experience, not all of them always take the time to consider all the goals and reasons for this effort.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    16th August 2017
    The recipe for success lies in your customers' digital footsteps

    Understanding your customers better than they understand themselves is the key to success. Insight into the customer’s digital behaviour is increasingly becoming a game changer when it comes to giving customers the unique and personal buying experience.

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disruption

    investing in ERP
    10th August 2017
    5 reasons your business needs to invest in ERP software

    Choosing to invest in or upgrade your ERP system isn’t a decision you’ll come to lightly, it’s a big task, and it does cause some disruption to your operations as new processes are put into place, but if your goal is to grow, it will help you get there.

    8th August, 2017
    Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to take your supply chain to the next level

    Are you a manufacturer that just wants to settle? Alternatively, are you a manufacturer that wants to take your supply chain to the next level?

    Categories: Manufacturing

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    2nd August 2017
    Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Business edition

    Grow your small to medium-sized business by connecting people and processes with a single system that has intelligence built in—making financial management, sales, service, and operations easier.

    21 July 2017
    How to move from data islands with transformative integrations

    Are you maintaining data islands in your company, where information can’t get in or out without help from IT? That can be damaging to the business and slow people and processes down.

    Categories: Digital Transformation

    19th July 2017
    Tackling issues head on: Discrete manufacturing

    In a recent article in The Record, our Product Strategy Director Kevin Bull explains how companies in the discrete manufacturing space can overcome the spectrum of challenges that they're currently facing.

    10th July, 2017
    The evolution of integrations from custom projects to cloud solutions

    Today, you can handle integrations in the cloud, where building and maintaining them takes a fraction of the effort that used to be required. Even better, you can repurpose them.

    Categories: Digital Transformation

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - processing machinery
    6th July 2017
    Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365: The benefits for manufacturers

    The relationship recently forged between optimizing productivity in manufacturing, and increasing customer satisfaction has somewhat disrupted the manufacturing industry.

    Categories: Manufacturing