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    24th May, 2017
    A guide to solving compliance problems for discrete manufacturers

    Non-compliance has the ability to destroy the reputation of any company, and its balance sheet, overnight.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    22nd May, 2017
    The benefits of Invoice Workflow with Dynamics AX

    With all the technological and technical advances the world over, it’s mind-blowing that so many sizable and impressive companies are bogged down by some of the most pervasive and common problems in their accounts payable department.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX

    18th May, 2017
    A day in the life series: Connecting the dots with Microsoft technology

    Welcome to our 'day in the life series', where we explore the direct impact that Microsoft technologies has on the people that use the systems every day. This recount comes from our Technical Director, Martin Clothier.

    15th May, 2017
    5 reasons discrete manufacturers struggle to maximise the use of assets

    Yet again, the discrete manufacturing industry is under pressure. With increased competition and a more demanding customer base forcing many manufacturers to look for new ways to increase their bottom line, it’s no surprise asset life extension is a popular topic.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    10th May, 2017
    Three ways to increase the efficiency of invoice processing

    The invoice approval process is integral to just about every business. It covers multiple departments and purchases of all sizes.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX

    8th May, 2017
    How IoT can build additional revenue streams for discrete manufacturers

    If you speak to any discrete manufacturer, they will tell you that it’s getting even tougher to stand out to prospects and even their own customers with traditional product/service offerings.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    5th May, 2017
    The practical definition of digital transformation and how to get started

    If transformation is the best way to respond to disruption in your industry, what does that practically mean? Is there a step-by-step approach to mastering this?

    will you be ready when disruption comes calling? thumbnail
    2nd May, 2017
    Will you be ready when disruption comes calling?

    Have you experienced disruption in your business lately? What was that like? Congratulations if you were prepared and had an effective response, or were even at the crest of the wave!

    Categories: Disruption, Leadership

    27th April, 2017
    5 ways to power productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile

    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile make it easy to stay connected with your prospects and customers no matter where you are, or what mobile device you're using.

    24th April, 2017
    Analyse to prioritise: How the use of analytics can make a difference

    In a recent interview with The Record, Columbus Practice Director, Chris Braisby and our Technical Director, Martin Clothier, explained the business areas in which the innovative use of analytics can really make a difference.

    20th April, 2017
    Trending in the cloud: How to benefit from cloud technology trends

    Cloud technologies are evolving quickly as further enterprises and companies transition at least some of their computing workloads into the cloud.

    12th April, 2017
    Ready, set, move: A controlled, predictable, and productive transition to the cloud

    So, you’ve decided the cloud is for you and we’re not surprised, there are many reasons to like the cloud… Virtually limitless computing resources are available, and they can scale to meet your needs with minimal notice. All you pay for is what you actually use, not what you might one day use.