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Maximise your  Multi-Channel Retailing with Columbus and Microsoft

Columbus knows how to make retailers more successful by adapting and implementing proven Microsoft multi-channel retail solution sets to maximise efficiency and overall business performance of retail companies.

ColumbusRetail is a full Retail ERP solution offering end to end functionality throughout all your retail channels.


Multi-Channel Retailing

Columbus Retail ERP enables you to manage all your channels through one solution:

Call Centre
Provides slick, efficient telesales screens for busy call centres and sales offices. Improving customer service by empowering your staff to sort out issues straight away, putting all the information at their fingertips.  

Connect to customers regardless of their location or device to ensure that they are getting a consistent experience not matter where they are.

Direct Commerce
Integrate your direct marketing activities with your other channels to help maximise your catalogue revenue. Ensure a great customer experience through rapid order entry, management of back orders, reduction in returns and efficient order fulfilment

Improve the return on your marketing investment through increased visibility of customer data, improved intelligent segmentation and targeting, personalised offerings and consistent communications across all your channels. 

Social Commerce
Communicate with your customers through social channels to help promote your offerings and campaigns with customer ratings, reviews, recommendations and referrals

Point of Sale
Improve the efficiency of your in store operations including sales, store performance management, forecasting, stock control and supply chain management through a Retail ERP solution. Have access to real time accurate customer, sales, stock and supply chain data to help you meet your customer demands

Efficiently create and operate eCommerce sites to reach your target audiences, promote your brands, and generate additional revenue. Encourage higher sales volumes and repeat business with recommendations, rankings, sophisticated merchandizing, extensive self-service, and an enjoyable, well-flowing customer experience that can connect to social media through a Retail ERP solution.

Market Place Integration
Gain maximum exposure for your online store through integrating with all of the most popular and established global marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

Improve your retail business

The Columbus Multi-Channel Retail solution covers enables you to manage all aspects of your retail business through one solution:

Supply Chain and Business Planning
Help create the best replenishment plan using real-time inventory level data, define campaign distribution plans to push items from a central warehouse and provide mobile access to warehouse processes for stocking and restocking, discard and return

Centralise the management of product data to enable you to keep track on items throughout the supply chain and product life cycle.

Order Fulfilment and services
A comprehensive set of campaign, order and business management facilities for companies who process various sized orders, either from consumers, or businesses.

Warehouse and Transportation
Optimise your warehousing capabilities and efficiencies through intelligent picking, economical packing, improved returns policy and more accurate inventory management and shipping

Customer Care
Full 360 degree visibility of customer orders across different channels, empowering staff to engage efficiently with customer enquiries, cross and upsell with all relevant information at their fingertips.

Improve the efficiency of your business with a Multi-Channel retail ERP solution by better matching the supply and demand of the product range through capabilities such as demand management, assortment planning, open to buy, stock optimisation and replenishment planning.

You’ll be able to keep track of your revenue, payables, receivables and cash flow with holistic views of business performance, and powerful, user-friendly tools to measure economic performance across operations, break down spend and calculate future costs – as well as reducing the time and effort required by compliance obligations.

Find out the key components that make up the Columbus Multi-Channel Retail solution.

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