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Columbus customer’s own success stories provide a glimpse into the power that is created when innovative, technology-minded companies partner with an enterprise solution powerful enough to span their enterprise needs today and flexible enough to grow to meet their needs tomorrow.

We’ve helped all kinds of distributors achieve their goals and expand their business. Find out how you can apply what they’ve accomplished to your business.

Distribution and Wholesale Clients

BVG Airflo

BVG-Airflo is a multi-channel retailer of footwear and clothing, fishing tackle and home and garden products through mail-order, Ecommerce, newspaper branded reader offers, B2B distribution, retail shops and export. Growing expansion and acquisitions meant that their old system could not give them access to the data they required in the time they needed it. The Columbus solution now gives BVG-Airflo the ability to make the right strategic decisions about which products to trade in a rapidly changing market. This has been a key component in their success.

"We are really pleased we chose Columbus to guide us through the implementation. Their open, honest and outspoken approach was exactly what was needed to ensure the project was a success."

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Orbital Response

Orbital Response provides an extensive range of outsourced marketing services, from call centre operations, order processing for mail order and Internet retailing, to pick/pack/dispatch and direct mail services. At peak times, the company processes up to 20,000 orders a day. They were struggling with 12 disparate IT systems which led to inefficiencies in the business. To help them they worked with ColumbusRetail to implement an end-to-end solution to provide comprehensive control over multi-channel sales, CRM, catalogue management, promotions, procurement, fulfilment, warehousing and customer service. The key benefit the solution has given them has been the ability to strategically expand their reach in to new markets and win new customers.

"You cannot underestimate how important it is to choose the right implementation partner. It is critical, absolutely critical" 

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Goodwins Builders Providers supplies building and construction materials. Established in 1978, the company has been providing building products, construction and home improvement materials to the market for over thirty years. With the economic downturn Goodwins has had to radically streamline its business and with the help of ColumbusRetail and vastly broadened its reach and improved customer service, all whilst greatly increasing efficiency. Some of the benefits have included:

  • Selling wider range of products
  • Improved stock management
  • Real-time visibility of product pricing and information for customers
  • Increased orders outside local area
  • Cost of e-commerce site less than opening new store
  • increased online profile and credibility

"The Columbus team really stepped up to get the system in as quickly and smoothly as possible"

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Selling more than 2,000 industrial and commercial products from handling and lifting, health and safety, matting and storage, to cycle and seasonal products, PARRS is one of the largest suppliers of handling equipment. Growth ambitions were being stifled with outdated and inefficient systems. After a significant selection process PARRS selected ColumbusRetail to manage everything from telephone sales, customer service, order management, direct marketing, together with the core financial accounts and purchasing functionality. This has enabled them to optimise their marketing strategy, process payments, manage orders, automate correspondence and enable one-step returns, all whilst making significant cost savings and time efficiencies.

"We needed to make sure we were dealing with a company that would still work closely us with after go-live. Columbus gave the impression they would do that, and to be fair that’s exactly what they have done - definitely."

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History & Heraldry

History & Heraldry is an award winning gift manufacturer and retailer with representation in more than 50 international markets. It is a high speed business that relies on consumers being inspired to buy on impulse. They were using an aging solution that was unable to keep up with the growth of the business. Having selected Columbus they have recognized many benefits throughout their whole process from manufacturing to supply chain and ultimately to the retail arm of their business. These benefits have included managing multiple manufacturing processes, enhanced picking in the warehouse and rapid sales order entry.

"We were particularly impressed by Columbus and the deep level of application and business knowledge their team demonstrated. This, coupled with Columbus' geographic reach which allows them to service each of the countries we operate in, meant that Columbus were the ideal partner for us."

Spar Kjøp

Spar Kjøp is a major catalog retailer selling textiles and clothing, gifts and games through both mail order and their 18 stores. They have 700 employees and expedite 400,000 packages per year, with an average of 2,000 daily. The communication between ColumbusRetail and the warehouse is therefore vitally important. It is critical that they pick and send the right goods. The key benefits of the new solution is the automated warehouse, the increase in ecommerce activity and streamlining of the entire value chain including stores, internet site, inventory, invoicing, accounting, personnel and payroll bringing cost optimizations at every level.

"The new integrated system provides us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace."



Fortuna is a leading distributor of tobacco products with 13 regional branches, collaboration with over 6500 retail outlets over 40 cities. Rises in the price of raw materials along with increased competition in the market led Fortuna to look to improve their efficiencies and update their information systems. Fortuna selected industry expert Columbus and now has a solution that runs throughout the business that helps manage costs, drive efficiencies and connect the supply chain that has led to increased business and a great outlook for the future.

"Columbus was selected for its expertise in retail, global presence and experience of implementing successful projects."


Gala Center

Gala Center, founded in the early 90s, specializes in the wholesale and distribution of consumer goods including tools and auto accessories, household and kitchen goods, gifts, sporting and recreation goods. To help promote growth they wanted a flexible pricing policy, improved quality of service and reduced cost of processing and storage of goods. They selected the Columbus solution because it was the most reliable, productive and repeatedly proven solution. The benefits have included improved operations of their complex warehouses, reduced time and cost of storing goods, and improved completeness and quality in the execution of orders.

"We continue to adjust and refine the solution and we are confident that the good support and quick response to new challenges from Columbus will help ensure continued success."


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