SureStep+ Implementation Methodology

Our proven SureStep+ methodology ensures 30% faster and less expensive  implementations for distribution businesses.


There is nothing more important to Columbus than a satisfied customer. At Columbus we have the very best people working with our world class solutions to ensure your success. We complete this picture with our industry-leading implementation methodology – SureStep+.

At Columbus the implementation methodology is a key component of the solution. Our proven SureStep+ process and unique solution sets ensure a faster and less expensive implementation of truly flexible and future-safe ERP, CRM, BI and related business applications. By scoping bite-sized projects and phases, Columbus enables distributors to adapt their solutions and realise value, based on investment staging.

A successful ERP implementation means:

  • Your business will be able to reap the rewards of your new solution with value delivered early
  • Your project will be delivered on time
  • Your project costs will be managed with no unforeseen overspend
  • Your users will be proficient and excited about their new solution
  • You will improve the operational efficiency and increase the competitive advantage of your business

How does SureStep+ help you meet your business goals?


SureStep+ has been developed from years of product, industry and implementation experience. We have taken the standard Microsoft SureStep methodology and significantly enhanced it based on over 6,000 Columbus projects. SureStep+ is aligned with the PMI (Project Management Institute) and contains clearly defined roles and process ownership utilizing RACI – VS.


  • Ensures that all member of the implementation team are aligned and working towards the same goals and expectations
  • Ensures that everything is well documented so that even if there are changes in the team there is no data loss or delay
  • Includes a number of different project types depending on the size and complexity of your business so that your implementation methodology fits your implementation
  • Is a methodology that Columbus uses across all 40 global offices to ensure consistency and has been designed for both national and international implementations



Our proven SureStep+ methodology ensures a faster and less expensive implementation

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