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Columbus knows how to make clients more successful by developing and implementing industry specific Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to maximize the efficiency and overall performance of food manufacturing and distribution companies.

Through our vast experience in the food industry, Columbus develops food manufacturing software solutions that meet more than 80% of a food manufacturer or distributor’s requirements out of the box.  Our food manufacturing and distribution business solutions are built on top of the award winning Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.  This proven approach allows us to deliver value and ROI faster and at a lower total cost of ownership.

We will use our extensive food ERP implementation background to help you optimize your business in a professional and pragmatic way by streamlining your processes. Our proven SureStep+ methodology implementation methodology combined with food industry-specific business solutions ensure a faster and less expensive implementation.

By upgrading to a Columbus end-to-end business application, your business will achieve:


Greater supply chain and operational efficiency

Streamlining your supply chain processes is critical to stay competitive.  Columbus can help you:

  • Manage your items throughout the whole value chain, including providing functionality to manage: yield, scrap, waste, co- and by-products, grades, etc.
  • Control and plan your stock, production, packaging and distribution
  • Improve collaboration between stock, production and packaging/distribution to manage product perish ability and optimize your production capacity, warehousing and cash flow
  • Reduce manual and double data entry
  • Avoid break downs and interruptions on the manufacturing floor
  • Process your products at multiple sites and different ways

Improved food safety and reduced risk

Your ability to deal with food threats, compliance, and regulations and provide swift data may prove a powerful competitive advantage. Columbus can help you:

  • Integrate government regulations in your processes for facilities, packaging, food safety, taxes, environmental protection, food ingredient and nutrition labeling, and worker health and safety
  • Comply with environmental programs and regulations such as HACCP
  • Implement preventive measures to minimize risk and manage control quality
  • Implement reactive measures, such as Track & Trace

Increased visibility for decision making

Real time access to accurate business information is vital to make business decisions, quickly and effectively. Columbus can help you:

  • Understand where your business gains and loses money
  • Utilize business intelligence, data mining, analytics and KPI monitoring to optimize your business performance

Extract isolated data and deliver critical information by removing organizational or mulit-system barriers.

With more than 20 years in the market and 6,000 successful implementations, Microsoft recognizes Columbus as a global top 3 partner in the food industry.

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