Toledo Mud Hens

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When ticket sales increased by 88% in one year, internal operations had difficulty keeping up with demand.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As ticket sales skyrocket, minor league team's efficiency soars with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For the Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club, customer relationship management means ticket sales. The operational efficiencies facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP have helped the Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club support increased sales with confidence. 

Scott Jeffer, Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing for the Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club and Toledo Walleye Hockey Club sums up the success of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, “The time savings facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping us increase our profit margins and give back to the community. As a private nonprofit organization, any profits that we make go right back to Lucas County and help pay off our ballpark construction debt at a much quicker rate than predicted.”

Download the Toledo Mud Hens case study, or view the video explaining how their efficiency soared with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Columbus.


“With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can get more detail and actually measure the success of our campaigns.”


- Scott Jeffer, Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing