The Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education visits Columbus Denmark

December 10, 2012
Minister Morten Østergaard and Columbus Country Manager Niels Stenfeldt

Today the Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard, visited Columbus Denmark in Aarhus. The purpose of his visit was to discuss innovation with CEOs from businesses in the IT-industry. The meeting was arranged by Columbus Denmark and the Danish industry association, IT-Branchen.

Ambitious political innovation strategy
The Minister Morten Østergaard is currently applying the finishing touches to an ambitious innovation strategy. His – and the Danish government’s- vision is to find innovative solutions to Denmark’s societal challenges and thereby transform ideas into growth and new jobs.

All through the process of creating the innovation strategy the Minister has invited companies, organizations and other stakeholders to take part in the dialogue. As part of this initiative, he participated in the meeting arranged by Columbus Denmark and IT-Branchen.  

“IT-Branchen warmly welcomes the government’s initiative on creating a national innovation strategy, and we highly appreciate our close dialogue with the Minister about the strategy,” says Mette Lundberg from IT-Branchen.

Columbus Denmark’s Country Manager Niels Stenfeldt was proud to welcome the Minister and facilitate the meeting.

“This shows, that Columbus takes the government’s innovation initiative very seriously, and that we are eager to participate actively in the dialogue”, says Niels Stenfeldt.

The IT industry plays a key role in innovation
According to the co-organizer IT-Branchen, the IT industry is one of the most innovative industries and already plays a key role, when it comes to creating innovation in the Danish society. The future political contribution will most likely strengthen this role.

”IT-Branchen has pointed out the necessity of carefully merging the coming innovation strategy with i.a. growth teams and not least the future strategy on intelligent public purchasing, ” says Mette Lundberg.

Niels Stenfeldt is excited to see the final version of the government’s innovation strategy, which will be launched soon. 

“In Columbus we put large amounts of resources into innovation, because our success and future growth depends on it. That is why we welcome the government’s initiative, and we hope to see a positive outcome of our dialogue”, says Niels Stenfeldt.