We welcome one of the world’s leading beverage companies as new customer

December 19, 2012
SPI Group owns the famous Stolichnaya brand.

We are proud to welcome SPI Group as new costumer in Columbus Latvia. SPI Group is one of the world's leading beverage companies and is among other things the owner of the famous Stolichnaya Premium Vodka brand.

SPI Group controls the processes from grain, through production to sales and distribution. Columbus’ project will cover it all from manufacturing units and retail chain to distribution.

“SPI Group includes several companies, and we start the first three implementations in 2013, “says Country Manager in Columbus Baltics, Ivo Suursoo.

Ivo Suursoo looks forward to a prosperous corporation with SPI Group. “In Columbus we have more than 20 years of experience converting our knowledge into value for our customers. Our software and expertise in the food and beverage industry have proved to maximize our customer’s efficiency and overall business performance. This will also be our key focus in our new partnership with SPI Group”, says Ivo Suursoo.