Delivering the right people and skills for shorter, more cost effective projects

Accelerate Projects, Shorten The Time To Value

Columbus offers an industry-based global delivery model to provide ambitious companies worldwide with the right people, skills and expertise to deliver industry consulting services and leading technologies.

Our Global Delivery Model provides our clients with consulting, support and development services that are distributed globally. This innovative method combines the capabilities of our industry-focused local resources with global resources for improved scale and economics.

Our global delivery model provides scale, accelerates projects, shortens the time to value and ensures we put the absolute best resources on your project. With locations in dozens of countries around the world, and an off shore organization in India, we have the experience to ensure we meet or exceed most all requirements.

Why Clients Value Columbus Global Delivery

Access to the Best Talent for your Projects: We have learned over our 20+ year history that industry knowledge is the single most important attribute to a successful project. Combining local and global roles allows us to optimize the composition of your team from an experience, skills and economic perspective.

Shorter Time to Market: Rapid scaling up of project resources, quick access to experts with niche knowledge and extended work days leveraging multiple time zones shortens your time to market. Our ability to scale is very important for many of our clients, especially those with heavy development requirements. With over 800 consultants on our payrolls, we can meet your deadlines and specialty requirements.

Access to Right-Sized Teams: With our flexible model, we tailor your team in line with your requirements balancing scale, timescales and cost. With entire industry teams working in pods throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we are able to assign the best resources to your project – resources that have solved similar challenges to yours. Our deliver model has been right-sized to ensure that the same productivity and economic advantages realized by our global projects are also realized by our domestic clients.

Responsiveness and Global Reach: Global delivery allows us to provide support services every minute of every day, year in and year out. With over 6,000 projects under our belt, there are few if any languages and cultures we have not worked in.

Best Solution and Delivery Quality: Columbus optimizes mapping of skills to local and global roles and deploys proven tools and methods for effective project execution, testing and quality assurance. Our global delivery teams work together daily through our networks designed for collaboration across borders, time zones and project boundaries.

The Columbus Global Delivery Difference

Industry Focus: Having local subject matter experts, consultants and project managers that are aware of your unique business environments ensures a smooth transition of knowledge and requirements across geographically dispersed teams.

Knowledge Management: Columbus consultants are organized worldwide by industries and share best practices and knowledge through our global core competency centers. Our practices collaborate daily through our industry networks that include blogs, forums and wikis that support easy collaboration.

Tools For Global Execution

RapidValue is a Columbus business process modeling solution that is fully integrated with Columbus’ vertical solutions. It streamlines business processes for efficiency and speed, ensures adoption of best practices while standardizing many processes across an organization.

SureStep+ is Columbus’ global standard for implementations. It ensures that all members of the implementation team are aligned and working towards the same goals and expectations. It ensures that everything is well documented so geographically dispersed team members work seamlessly.

Global Presence: Columbus’ diverse business culture offers a variety of languages, skills and time zones to meet your unique needs. Our multi-national team members are able to collaborate with each other easily, accurately and on- demand, for any project or task.

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