Columbus Add On Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management

Efficient maintenance of critical plant assets and resources requires more than worksheets, text documents, and Post-it Notes. Internal maintenance staff need current, accurate information and guidance to help them perform tasks effectively and achieve goals for plant asset up-time and longevity. With Columbus Enterprise Asset Management, a Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on solution, businesses can make proactive decisions that prevent equipment breakdown scenarios and maximize staff productivity.

Service Management

Columbus Service Management, a Microsoft Dynamics add-on, helps equip your business to manage service activities efficiently, control related costs, and turn your traditional cost center into a profit center.

Service object control defines and maintains all service objects, which can be structured to model all manner of items or goods. You can build a service object as a hierarchical structure, where maintenance can be rendered on some or all levels. You can also create statistics for the individual level or as a sum of all sub-levels.

Visual Project Planning

Managing projects is tough work. Effectively juggling hundreds of variables takes tight control and accurate project tracking. To be effective, project managers need visibility into all pieces of the project. They need current information. But all too often, the information at hand is outdated, incomplete, or just plain wrong. And that can spell trouble―not just for one project, but for the entire company.

In today’s highly-connected business world, project managers need a technology solution that helps manage variables from financials to logistics to resources. Managing these variables demands both air-tight planning and a solution that provides real-time insight into the project status, including the availability of materials and resources.