Columbus Business Integration Solutions

Today’s organizations face the continuing challenge of adapting to changing business environments. Information systems need the ability to quickly process complex transactions. Enterprise data must be carefully maintained to support business processes across the value chain. Applications need to offer centralized, integrated access to information and processes.

Columbus Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX enable your business to create and support a consistent approach to enterprise application integration (EAI). This versatile solutions suite supports project-driven data migration from legacy systems into Microsoft Dynamics AX, advanced application integrations, and transparent exchange of business documents across the supply chain.

Connectivity Studio

Columbus Connectivity Studio provides a wide-ranging solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX data migration and system integration. The solution provides two powerful tools to help accomplish these goals.

Connectivity Studio enables you to define and maintain connections between Microsoft Dynamics AX and external systems, including: enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, financial planning systems, and enterprise application integration (EAI) systems such as Microsoft BizTalk Server. Using the same procedures with all programs, you can also establish connections between companies or different modules within the same company. Connecting existing systems reduces the amount of code you need to input, minimizes errors, and increases reuse.

Conversion Studio enables you to easily map, check, convert, transform, and enrich data and transfer that data from or into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Conversion Studio was built to make any conversion easy to set up, execute, and maintain―without compromising the flexibility required in most conversion projects.

See a demonstration of Connectivity Studio here:


Data Migration Studio

Migrating data into Microsoft Dynamics AX is an important and under estimated part of an implementation project. The challenge is to minimize migration time and costs, and at the same time ensure reliable migration and high-quality data.

As part of the Business Integrations Solutions suite, Columbus Data Migration Studio enables streamlined, cost-effective migrations that leverage the familiar Microsoft Dynamics AX role-tailored user interface and minimize learning with built-in tutorials.

By bringing together technologies in an agile and scalable way, Data Migration Studio can help you to unleash the potential of your existing infrastructure and enable organizations to efficiently migrate large amounts of data, at significantly lower costs than competitor offerings.

See a demonstration of Data Migration Studio here.


EDI Studio

Effective collaboration depends on integrated information flows across multi-company environments and the entire supply chain. With Columbus EDI Studio, a supply chain integration solution leveraging Microsoft Dynamics your business can achieve that integration across different platforms, systems, and file formats.

In its original form EDI is viewed as a traditional communication method. XML, also a recognized traditional communication method, is often identified as a potential replacement for EDI. However, in practice, using XML-based communication between companies is still limited. A growing number of companies are implementing EDI based on well-known standards such as EDIFACT and ANSI X12. EDI Studio delivers capabilities that range from EDI for external partners to functionality that integrates multicompany/multisite environments. To implement the solution, you will need a third-party EDI translator software program or FTP communication.

See a demonstration of EDI Studio here.


Web Service Studio

Columbus Web Service Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 simplifies the creation of web services and acts on opportunities to enhance your operations. Web Service Studio is a configuration-driven tool that enables companies to rapidly develop, test, and deploy web services in a Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. The solution supports many universally adopted internet protocols, standards, and software environments.

With full integration with the ERP system and real-time access to ERP data, you can use Web Service Studio to create web services that help employees in many common situations. You can set up web service capabilities that enable mobile workers to plan equipment maintenance while onsite or allow sales to view a customer’s orders and account history during a conversation.

Another high-value scenario for Web Service Studio is e-commerce—with accurate, current inventory and customer discount information. The solution also makes it easy to connect product lifecycle management (PLM) and ERP systems, increasing the productivity of IT and engineering collaboration in manufacturing companies.