Columbus RapidValue BPM Suite

Although many businesses have implemented ERP business applications, the implementation often doesn’t deliver the results they expect. The cause? In many cases, the application was not implemented with the customer’s business processes top of mind. When an implementation focuses on technology and functional capability, success rates go down instantly, simply because like any development process, ERP implementations need a CAD design or architectural blueprint in place before the deployment begins.

As a business owner or decision maker, you understand the processes that make your business run—they simply make more sense than looking at solution features and functionality.

Long-term, strategic value of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and support for governance, risk management, and compliance strategies

The RapidValue BPM Suite helps you benefit from business process management (BPM) to create and optimize a working model of your business, including strategy, governance, risks, goals, roles, and processes, as well as your technology infrastructure. BPM with the RapidValue BPM Suite lets you create this blueprint and empower employees as you implement it. It also helps you manage your governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) efforts.

Successful ERP deployments, optimized processes, and alignment of strategy with roles, processes, and systems

Throughout the entire lifecycle of your ERP system, including smooth upgrades, business process management (BPM) with RapidValue BPM assists you in keeping ERP in sync with your goals and processes. Making BPM practical, simple, and results-driven, it allows you to capture and treat business processes as an important asset that you can develop and refine as the business grows and matures.

Personalized access to strategic processes and a platform for peer collaboration

RapidValue INTERACT extends social business process management (BPM) across the entire organization regardless of specific software systems. The solution lets you boost employee and operational performance with personalized visibility of process models and content as well as a platform for social BPM interaction between individuals, business groups, and IT. People can share process improvement ideas and solicit feedback in a topic-driven forum.

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