Columbus Supply Chain Solutions

Take the lead with four key drivers for supply chain execution: productivity, visibility, versatility and accuracy. The  Columbus Supply Chain Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides retailers, manufacturers, and distributors with comprehensive, innovative support for planning, execution, and monitoring of inbound, warehouse, and outbound processes—from warehouse management and inventory management through distribution management. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform and technologies, these cross-industry solutions fit seamlessly with your total ERP system. A module-driven architecture lets you extend and scale supply chain execution step by step, or build an end-to-end system that automates logistics for receiving, put-away, internal transport, picking, packing, and shipping and other execution processes.

Supply Chain Solutions will help you automate your processes and streamline your business so you can meet the following requirements:

  • Optimize your warehouse operations by running your processes in paperless mode.
  • Reduce the number of wrong picks and deliveries and thereby meet customer service levels.
  • Improve tracking and traceability of shipments, items, cartons, pallets and/or other packaging or shipping entities in the entire chain.
  • Realize Supply Chain Integration with EDI, voice picking, material handling equipment and other solutions.
  • Provide warehouse workers with mobility solutions to support them in their daily operations.
  • Supply Chain Design enables IT managers and supply chain, logistics, and warehouse managers to model daily and specialized processes and practices directly within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Focus on linking transaction oriented ERP systems with process oriented logistic systems together with your partners and customers.

Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX streamline order management, receiving, internal transport, picking, packing and shipping. This solution helps you focus on what keeps your business thriving: enhancing customer satisfaction with faster turnaround times and precise order fulfilment.

Warehouse Management

Increase productivity, improve accuracy, and gain visibility into your warehouse operations with Columbus Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. An ideal solution for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, Warehouse Management extends Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 by further automating inbound, warehouse, and outbound logistical processes where the focus is on physical movement of goods. And when you add Columbus Supply Chain Solutions such as Distribution Management and Inventory Management, you gain an end-to-end, scalable system for supply chain execution that’s built fully within the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Distribution Management

Gain visibility into supply chain planning and distribution execution, meet higher levels of customer service, anticipate change, and optimize cooperation with suppliers. Columbus Distribution Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 extends the domain of supply chain management within a scalable, modular solution that’s fully integrated with your ERP solution. And by adding other Columbus Supply Chain Solutions—such as Warehouse Management and Inventory Management—manufacturers, retailers, and distributors can benefit from an end-to-end system for supply chain planning and execution.

Supply Chain Integration

Distributors, manufacturers, and retailers face the continuing challenge of adapting to changing requirements for supply chain management. Information systems need the ability to share transactions with suppliers and customers. In addition to warehouse and distribution management, they need to integrate with both internal and external business processes across the value chain. Applications need to offer centralized, integrated access to information and processes.

Columbus Supply Chain Integration enables your business to create and support a consistent approach to enterprise application integration (EAI) across networks. With Columbus EDI Studio, a supply chain integration solution leveraging Microsoft Dynamics your business can achieve that integration across different platforms, systems, and file formats. Versatile capabilities support project-driven data migration from legacy systems into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, advanced application integrations, and transparent exchange of business documents across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Design

As a supply chain manager, logistics manager and/or warehouse supervisor, you understand the supply chain processes that make your business run—they simply make more sense than solution features and functionality. At the same time, your company needs warehousing and distribution environments that meet customer demand for goods and services. You need clear insight into how you can improve and streamline your business model and processes to overcome sub-optimization in your value chain, align processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, and service, and join forces in supply chain networks.

Columbus Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 are built to meet those needs. And now you can optimize value with Supply Chain Design for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Based on the Columbus Rapid Value business process modelling (BPM) application, Supply Chain Design enables IT managers and supply chain, logistics, and warehouse managers to model daily and specialized processes and practices directly within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, create optimal process flows, and then select and implement the functionality that meets specific business needs.