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    Digital transformation in business
    Digtial transformation with Columbus

    Improving the value realization of business application investments.

    Categories: Retail, Manufacturing, Food, Corporate, Digital Transformation

    ERP digital transformation questions answered
    ERP Roundtable
    Making sense of the digital transformation movement

    The five big questions about digital transformation, answered.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Retail, Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    How Columbus and Dynamics AX helps Natures Way Food

    Natures Way Foods combine the freshest lettuce with the latest food manufacturing technology.

    Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX

    How Origin Enterprises is using The Internet of Things (IOT)

    Columbus customer and Microsoft Dynamics AX user, Origin Enterprises describe how they are using the Internet of Things (IOT) to improve their business.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Food

    Food production and supply chain ERP
    End to end solutions
    From Field to Fork. A Single ERP Journey

    The entire Food Supply Chain benefits from Microsoft Dynamics AX!

    Categories: Food, Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Support for critical business applications
    ColumbusCare - Enterprise-Class Support for Critical Business Applications

    Our approach to providing support is based on the fundament that “your system is unique and so is your business”.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Food, Retail, Manufacturing

    Food Processing and Distribution ERP Success Stories
    10 Customer Successes
    Food ERP Success Stories

    Transforming businesses, mitigating risk, building lasting relationships.

    Categories: Food

    eCommerce and Multi Channel Solutions for ERP
    Columbus eCommerce and Multi Channel Solutions

    Ecommerce and multi-channel selling for B2C and B2B companies.

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing

    ERP eCommerce for B2B and B2C Whitepaper
    E-Commerce White Paper
    E-Commerce For Ambitious B2B and B2C Companies

    B2C and B2B companies find growth in e-commerce.

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing

    Food Manufacturing ERP Long Term Benefits with BPM
    Download the FREE eBook
    Maximize The Long Term Benefits of ERP

    BPM nnables companies to reap the long-term, transformative benefits of ERP.

    Categories: Food

    Food Manufacturing ERP User Adoption with BPM
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    Increase User Adoption And Effectiveness In ERP

    Use BPM to empower people and roles.

    Categories: Food

    Food Production ERP for Midsized Manufacturers with BPM
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    How Small and Midsized Companies Benefit From BPM

    Using BPM to achieve ERP success in midsize food manufacturers.

    Categories: Food