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    29 May, 2017
    Disruption. Forget technology. Focus on ambitions and power of action

    Many companies mistakenly believe that disruption is about being on the cutting edge of technology. However, disruption is about ambitions and the power of action.

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    28 February, 2017
    Bypass the companys immune system

    Why are so many change projects not successful? And why do so many good change initiatives end up in the dump? The reason is the company’s strong immune system.

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    26 September, 2016
    Disruption is a management discipline

    Many people mistakenly believe that disruption is about technology and that you have to be a geeky entrepreneur to be successful in developing your business in the digital world. But disruption is about all but technology. It is a management discipline.

    Kategooria: Disruption

    25 October, 2016
    Social media send the Law of Jante into retirement

    The social media has legalized the story of our success. We promote ourselves as never before, and it has become acceptable in a culture that for decades has been infused by the Law of Jante.

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    18 August, 2016
    Digitization is not intangible business development

    Disruption has become a buzzword, which is often labeled with digitization. Even though these concepts are related it is important that they are not put in the same category. Learn how to distinguish and get ready for the digital change and opportunities in this column by Thomas Honoré.

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    9 June, 2016
    Are you skilled or just lucky

    We keep chasing it. The success. Every day, every quarter and every year. We constantly want to see improvement and reach our goals. In business, success is essential. However, success has a downside. We become dazzled by it, and then we don’t understand the reason for the success. Therefore it is important to be more skeptical of the success than of the defeat.

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    3 June, 2016
    If you do not pay for the product you are the product

    If you thought that the sharing economy is non-commercial peer-to-peer exchange between private idealists, then it is time to wake up and face the truth

    Kategooria: Disruption

    9 May, 2016
    Columbus CEO Thomas Honore publishes guide about disruption

    Disruption hits all industries, from free newspapers, car sharing and low-cost telecommunications. We all know examples from Airbnb and Apple, but disruption is not just something from Silicon Valley; it happens everywhere. Columbus’ CEO Thomas Honoré is co-author of the book Disrupt or die, which is released on May 9.

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    4 May, 2016
    Does talent whisper or shout

    How do you discover new talent in your company? Do you look for those who shout the loudest and quickly show results, or the whispering talent who takes longer to enter the scene?

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    10 February, 2016
    Are you stressed or just busy

    In a time when work is borderless and demands on us keep increasing, stress lurks just around the corner. But the gradual transition between work and leisure also means that we need a clearer distinction between being busy and having stress.

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    22 January, 2016
    You learn most from the annoying boss

    Poor cooperation with the manager is the most common reason for resignations. As they say, “employees come to the company, but leave the manager”. However, that is a cheap argument, where the employee disclaims the responsibility for his or her own situation and career. If you are happy with your job, there is much more to learn from staying in the company and learn from the differences.

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    10 December, 2015
    Help digitilization is coming

    Today, you cannot read a newspaper without being confronted with the threat of digital companies attacking your market, and how you as a business leader should redefine your business.

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