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We know how to make leasing companies more successful by adapting and implementing proven, Microsoft-based solution for leasing process management AmberLeasing to maximize the efficiency and overall business performance.

With deep engagement in the leasing industry, we have built targeted solution on top of the reliable Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Our solution guarantees quicker Return On Investment (ROI) and provides high utility for companies. The solution often meets 80% of leasing sector requirements right off, and with individual adaption, you will experience the full impact on your business performance with a lower total cost of ownership.

We help you streamline processes to optimize your business in a professional, yet pragmatic way. Our proven SureStep+ process and unique solution ColumbusLeasing ensures a faster and less expensive implementation.

By upgrading your legacy system to our scalable solution, your business will achieve:

More Sales Growth Opportunities:

  • Our solution is adjusted to various types of leasing services (financial leasing, operational leasing, hire purchase, etc.).
  • The system allows accounting and managing leasing related services (e.g. insurance) as well as creating extra service package. This enables clients to get additional value, and service provider receives additional income.
  • Flexible bonus mechanisms between leasing service provider and leased property (asset) vendor allows increase in sales.

More Stable and Easy-Forecasted Business:

  • Entire leasing process is related to the service portfolio and business process accounting. This allows collecting the money and controlling cash flow in real time.
  • The system created in a way to ensure all the steps of leasing process to be executed according to the priority set.
  • Flexible revenue-covering mechanisms allow distributing leasing installments expeditiously, according to the contract conditions, to manage cash flows and react to the critical situations instantaneously.
  • The system is flexibly adjusted to meet the payment schedule when executing arbitrary liabilities and settlements with property (asset) suppliers.
  • As the result of an efficient debtors’ management tool installed into the system, none of the debtors will be missed. The tool embodies an automated control of settlements, providing system with automatically sent reports and messages for customers about the unpaid liabilities.
  • Client and property (asset) rating system allows monitoring insolvent customers, forming adequate postponements and evaluating risks of property (asset) takeover in case of bad loans.  

Operative and Accurate Information provides ground to make optimal Business Decisions:

  • All information is kept in one united database, which can be easily accessed and analyzed.
  • Minimized possibility of duplications and mistakes.
  • Business data are structured and accumulated according to the homogenous logic, making easier to analyze those using internal or external analytical tools, leaving no room for data interpretation.
  • Monitored tasks distribution between users of the system – the system flexibly limits user’s actions, so that one can work with the system only according to user’s limits of responsibility.  

Flexibly, Expeditiously and Accurately Implemented Leasing Service Increases Clients Satisfaction and Loyalty:

  • Easy to modify payment schedules according to the client’s business specifics (eg. seasonality) and other considerations.
  • Integrated document management module traces if all service delivery related documents, which can be printed out and saved in the system, are processed.
  • Leasing service is delivered more precise and reliably. Solution AmberLeasing covers integrations with bank payment systems, specialized documentation management systems, (fixed) asset register, credit monitoring institutions systems, companies providing accounts  sending systems service, etc.

We Know How to:

  • … integrate solution AmberLeasing with CRM systems in a way the entire information about your customers to be easily accessed and used according to the company’s needs.
  • … implement integration with Columbus Payroll and HR management solutions in the Baltic states.
  • … ensure the highest system safety standards.

Our experience in leasing sector has been accumulated already for more than 10 years. With proven track of successful leasing solution AmberLeasing implementations in Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and other countries, we are reliable your business partner.

Contact us, because we know how to improve your leasing business results.

With AmberLeasing you will achieve:

  • 60% increased overall performance efficiency
  • 3 times decreased time for documents preparation
  • 3 times more contracts managed by one employee
  • 60% less time for reports preparation
  • Full leasing process traceability

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