Clients Briefs


Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy, the leading manufacturer of door opening solutions, had grown substantially over the last few years. Each business unit had been running its own ERP system and they now wanted one global solution. Through ColumbusManufacturing they have been able to automate their manufacturing process which has eliminated manual processes, errors and led to an 80% time saving in some parts of the business. The online order configuration has led to an increase in revenue as it is now easier for customers to do business through the portal and the increase in visibility of data has led to time savings and a more accurate view of the business.

"We are very happy. We were able to achieve and succeed our own expectations. And they were very high"




Salda is a European leader in the production of air ventilation and heating systems exporting to 30 countries worldwide. The key goal of the business is the production of quality products to meet the satisfaction of their customers and they were therefore looking for a solution to help them do this. With ColumbusManufacturing they have been able to improve the orders completed on time by 10%, the reporting process is now 5 times faster, stock efficiency has significantly increased and manual work has reduced by 20%. Salda now has plans to make the most of the advanced web and mobile technologies in the solution.

"Even though our orders completed on time has always been very high, with ColumbusManufacturing, it increased by a further 10 percent, which means that we have even more satisfied customers."



Jansen Poultry Equipment

Jansen Poultry Equipment develops, designs, and manufactures poultry equipment. The company reaches agricultural businesses around the globe through a network of specialized dealers in more than 80 countries. They were using multiple systems and as the company grew it became more difficult to run the business efficiently. They implemented a ColumbusManufacturing solution which has made it possible to simplify the management of manufacturing projects, maintain consistency in running efficient processes, and make current project and financial information easily available. Today, Jansen Poultry Equipment is in a much better position to meet customer requirements, control costs, and manage the company’s global growth.

"The Columbus solution helps us serve our customers more effectively and also gives us a better position in our market."



Nordisk Wavin

Wavin is the leading supplier of piping solutions to European markets in the water, drain and plumbing sector. Wavin Group is represented in 26 countries and employs approx. 6,400 employees. They had no visibility of their sales pipeline with their old solution so they were unable to plan for future business. There were using a number of solutions none of which had the ability to deal with the requirements of a solution selling process. Wavin worked with Columbus to implement a new solution that enables them to have full visibility of the pipeline ensuring that they can see the bigger picture of the business. Every prospect in the business can be tracked through the sales process and handled in the most appropriate manner. The business now has clear sight on expected sales which enables them to schedule the manufacturing process more efficiently.

"We know the Columbus people and their way of working really well. Therefore, we were very comfortable with their recommendations."




WEMO is the market leader in modern technology for sheet metal. They develop, build and install special machines for punching, bending and processing of blanks as well as coiled material. The company decided they needed to better serve its customers and become more competitive by cutting lead times in half. WEMO implemented a Columbus Solution and have realized the following benefits:


  • Enablement for transformation into highly competitive, project-driven organization
  • Flexible business management infrastructure that fits company processes
  • Greater insight into project status and better control of project-related variables
  • Closer, more productive collaboration among individuals and teams
  • Strategic enablement for roles and accountabilities throughout the organization

"Columbus supports our organizational goals most effectively, and I would absolutely recommend their technology and expertise to other companies."



Druka is a sheet fed press offset printing company. They were looking to optimize and effectively combine the company's key business processes: sales management, production management, warehouse management so that they could better control costs, drive productivity and growth. They selected to work with Columbus and now have one business solution that has enabled them to grow, improved the customer experience and given them transparency of their data that has led to better decision making.

"We selected Columbus because of their expertise in ERP implementations and our industry."



Agava is a manufacturer of air conditioning and automated control systems. Their old ERP system was now holding back their growth and as they increased their service offering they needed a solution that could support them. They worked with Columbus and implemented a new solution that was able to help them streamline their processes and increase efficiencies within the business – cutting out much of the manual processes that had led to time consuming errors. Stock levels in the company were greatly improved as was the visibility of data ensuring better analysis and decision making.

"We would recommend Columbus for their industry and implementation expertise that has helped us increase our production efficiency."



DEIF is a manufacturer of energy management solutions for decentralized power generation, marine / offshore and wind turbines. It is a truly global company including subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, India and China. With this global growth has come the need to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively. DEIF has worked with Columbus to implement a solution so that everyone in the business has the information that they need to perform their roles and feel a part of the organisation no matter where they are in the world."

"Columbus matched our need for a broad business consultancy who can help us to drive in the right direction, taking the right decisions at both the tactical and strategic level."



Pressalit was established in 1954. Today, Pressalit is one of the leading manufacturers of toilet seats and specialized bathroom solutions for people with disabilities. They were looking for a solution to tighten up their sales cycle to make them more efficient and productive. They worked with Columbus and have now implemented a solution to help them do the right thing depending on where you are in the sales process. Not only are the team working more effectively with the their sales cycles but there is also now 100% transparency of the pipeline for everyone which enables the management team to run the business better.

"We needed a partner who knew about the sales process and solution selling. We got that in Columbus. And we got a very serious, very good listener and very knowledgeable sparring partner. Columbus had the right insight into how CRM and our processes strung together."


Met Pro

Met-Pro is a manufacturer of solutions for product recovery, pollution control, and fluid handling. With an aging enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Met-Pro relied on multiple manual processes that took place outside the system which meant they lacked insight into their business. To solve this and ease future growth, the company deployed ColumbusManufacturing. With a complete and integrated solution in place, the company has gained better insight into its customers, sales pipeline, and overall business; gained tighter control over operations; and laid a foundation for continued growth both organically and through acquisition.

"We want to take this company to $200, $300, $400 million a year in revenue, and to do that, we need a very good ERP solution. With ColumbusManufacturing, we have that."

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Wheelabrator Group specializes in designing and manufacturing custom surface preparation and finishing solutions for a range of industries. As Wheelabrator grew rapidly, executives sought to standardize IT infrastructure and centralize global operations. Wheelabrator worked with Columbus to deploy the solution internationally. Now, Wheelabrator gains increased efficiency and improved visibility into operations and benefits from greater capacity for growth.

"Because engineers and production managers' work in the same system, they can exchange information quicker than was previously possible, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the production process."

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Progress Rail

Progress Rail, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc, designs and manufactures track work components for the railroad, transit and industrial markets. Progress Rail had experienced strong growth but this had highlighted their inefficient business structures. They were looking for a solution to speed up growth through a streamlined manufacturing solution that would ease production planning and automate the purchasing process. Progress Rail selected ColumbusManufacturing and has seen immediate benefits. Big efficiency gains have been made across their 50 work centres by making use of the capacity planning functionality, allowing Progress Rail to see where issues may arise before it becomes a problem. Other benefits include:

  • A 20% reduction in stock
  • Purchase orders are done in a day rather than weeks
  • Output has increased by 300%
  • 22% saving in the finance department

"Thanks to the implementation, the output level has increased by an enormous 300%, while the amount of people has stayed the same."

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Orangebox design and manufacture contemporary office seating for the commercial environment. They have a very complex product range with over 3000 fabrics options. They had outgrown their previous solution and selected ColumbusManufacturing as a future proof solution to help improve operational efficiency with smoother, faster transactions, freeing people to add value, not just process data.

"We see the Columbus solution as a decision-making tool as well as a transaction engine. By making better decisions, and working more productively, is where the financial return will come from. It's not about cutting jobs; it's about growing the business faster, and with less pain."

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Sevcon is a global manufacturer electric motor control systems. They needed to replace their ageing and disparate IT systems that ran their five international sites. A lack of integration meant that business managers were unable to get an accurate, up-to-date view of the company. Sevcon implemented ColumbusManufacturing to help meet their manufacturing needs and grow with the business. It offers the flexibility that Sevcon required to manage the multiple sites in different countries. Sevcon now has a clearer visibility of the business worldwide. The solution improves inter-company trade and stock control and, as a direct result of improved business efficiencies, customers benefit from a faster, more responsive service.

"I now have a consistent overview of our global business on one screen. With a click of the mouse, I can switch between subsidiaries and compare real-time data in seconds. This is a huge improvement that adds significant value to the strategic decision making process."

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CPL Aromas

CPL Aromas is an innovative fragrance manufacturer with a global customer base, 17 factories and offices spread across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. As they grew they needed a solution to keep pace and selected ColumbusManufacturing for the specific industry expertise that would support both local insight and global strategy. There key goals were around increasing operational efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service.

"It was clear that Columbus knew what they were talking about, and had the resources and commitment to deliver, using people with an industry background who had implemented ERP solutions many times before."

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Muller Martini

Muller Martini has 3200 employees around the world making machinery for the printing and print finishing industries, including book binding, stitching and both soft and hard cover production. Recently there has been a growth in the service and refurbishment side of the business which has led to an increased focus on customer insight. The old disparate systems relied on many manual processes which were inefficient and prone to error. They selected ColumbusManufacturing to integrate all their processes and gain transparency across the business. This has not only saved the company time and reduced the margins for error across a number of processes but has allowed it complete visibility over its customer's needs and habits and let's it see which services it can provide.

"We can now answer customer queries quickly and authoritatively: once we have technical clarification we can produce quotes in minutes rather than hours."

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Aliaxis Group

Aliaxis is a multinational group of 300 manufacturing companies which produce plastic products for fluid transport, supplying to its key market segments of building, sanitary, industrial and utilities. With many disparate systems in the group they were unable to have accurate insight and visibility across the group. They selected ColumbusManufacturing as it was an industry solution with little customization needed and they are now benefiting from increased operational efficiencies and improved visibility of information across the whole group.

"Columbus demonstrated their expertise in both the product and the manufacturing sector which gave us the confidence that they would help deliver a successful implementation. They also had the global presence to be able to deliver a project with multiple companies in multiple countries."

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ExHeat is a manufacturer of heating and control solutions designed for hazardous environments such as the petrochemical industry. They wanted to drive operational efficiencies between the engineering and manufacturing units with ColumbusManufacturing. Their solution now creates or amends a product design in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) functionality then automatically creates or updates bill of material records in the ERP solution. They have now been able to deliver process improvements in terms of workflow, approvals, and the publication of designs to the rest of the business.

"The savings are considerable. Quite apart from the avoidance of error there are significant productivity gains too. To say we're delighted is an understatement."

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LINAK is the world's leading manufacturer of electrical actuator systems with more than 25 subsidiaries, four factories and 1600 employees. They were looking for one standardized solution that could be used throughout their operations around the world. With ColumbusManufacturing, Linak now has much more efficient handling of data, improved time savings and an elimination of errors in entries. An additional benefit from the new solution has been the optimization of internal trade in the LINAK Group and a general optimization of all the business processes.

"The implementation has gone far more smoothly than expected, and the total project time consumption has been minimized due to the energy and project resources employed before "Go Live"."

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Romag is specialist glass processor and photovoltaic manufacturer. There was a lack of visibility with their old systems which led to many operational problems including issues with on time deliveries which they saw as a competitive differentiator. With ColumbusManufacturing they have put in place a controlled manufacturing process, alongside back office functions to give them the much needed functionality.

"There have been savings, and we'll calculate them in due course. But the bigger benefits are clear: how do you put a value on reliable delivery dates, financial accounting, and instant visibility into work-in-progress?"

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Urbis Lighting, part of Schréder's, manufactures public street lighting, and associated 'street furniture' such as bollards and benches. They were using multiple legacy systems which were causing inefficiencies across the business. ColumbusManufacturing has now transformed significant aspects of the factory's operations. These include touchscreen workstations, use of barcodes as well as increased discipline on the factory's manufacturing, scheduling and procurement processes.

"Columbus clearly knew manufacturing well and very quickly understood our business. Our data is far more accurate, our processes more efficient."

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Thorlabs has been a leading manufacturer of Photonics equipment for 20 years. After many years of growth, Thorlabs realized that they had outgrown their legacy system. The existing system could no longer support the business volume or sustain the planned growth or recent acquisitions. Furthermore, the system lacked a proper planning and production feature and didn't support the growing e-commerce requirements and the in-house web developments. Since Columbus helped Thorlabs implement their solution seven years ago, the company has added six global entities and grown their revenue 400%. The Columbus solution is now used by more than 550 global users in seven countries in addition to supporting distribution partners in 15 countries. The new system enables Thorlabs to replace an existing legacy system within 90 days of acquiring a new company.

"We needed a solution that could support fast and flexible service for our customers worldwide. The Columbus Solution exceeds these requirements on all accounts."



ODIM is a global technology group that engineers and produces advanced and complete automated handling solutions in the offshore oil & gas, naval and power generation markets. The point of delivery is often a ship. Growth called for higher standards for systems, documentation and interaction. Implementing ColumbusADM (Advanced Discrete Manufacturing) allowed ODIM to optimize their complicated workflows and processes within one system. Employees can now access all data wherever they are, whenever they need it and across boarders and departments. The system workflows also ensure that all employees are compliant, and that all incoming tasks are followed up quickly with the correct documentation.

"Our biggest challenge is to maintain 24/7 service year round to our customers, who are all over the world and very often on ships. With the Columbus solution we are able to do this."



Lindab develops, manufactures and markets sheet metal products for the construction industry. They were looking for a solution that increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs. They selected ColumbusManufacturing for the 35 subsidiaries spanning 31 countries. One of the key benefits they have received from the solution has been the ability for customers to order any of the 16,000 products online from where ever they are though their smartphones and have it delivered on the same day. This has led to an increase in orders and a decrease in administration. Also through the product configurator the customer can design their own unique products in a matter of minutes and get an immediate price.

"The Columbus solution has greatly improved the customers experience which has in turn led to increased sales."


Martin Professional

Martin Professional is a manufacturer and distributor of computer controlled devices for the entertainment and security industries. They have over 800 employees and work with local partners in more than 100 countries. They were looking for a solution that would help them serve their thousands of customers no matter how big they were. Martin Selected Columbus and now all Martin customers and dealers can order any products online. They have an integrated solution that connects all parts of the business from the order to manufacturing to distribution and gives them the business information they need whenever they need it.

"Columbus has been a great all-round partner with expertise and knowledge in the areas of the Martin Professional business."


Randers Tegl

Randers Tegl is a leading manufacturer of tiles. They had been using an outdated industry solution that led to a large amount of manual tasks which took up time and led to errors. Key requirements for a new solution included multiple language versions and barcoding to enable the automation of manufacturing and distribution. The solution has streamlined the whole business and the increased visibility of data has enabled the executive team have a better understanding and control of their business.

"The Columbus solution runs really well. It has cut down administration costs and we now have access to information from across the business."


Scan Press

Scan Press manufactures parts for gutters, heat exchanger plates, pressure vessels, flanges and fittings in hydraulic and mechanical presses. Their old system was leading to increasing errors and they selected Columbus to help them. They were looking for a solution where the majority of the functionality was standard and a partner who was able to translate their business requirements into a technology solution. Other requirements for Scan Press were the ability to get true visibility of their business information, customer and supplier portals and help to streamline their business processes

"The Columbus consultants are very experienced and as a customer you feel safe with them."



Vink Group is a leading manufacturer of plastic for the industrial and construction industries employing over 1000 people in 14 countries. Vink were running a number of outdated disparate systems which leading to down time and dissatisfaction of the users and customers. Vink selected a hosted solution from Columbus and they are now enjoying the benefits of one standardized solution running throughout the business and throughout the geographies.

"The new Columbus solution has greatly increased the operational efficiency of Vink."



Baltpack is a manufacturer of packaging. They were looking for a solution to boost performance, give them increased visibility to their critical business information, help them with their complex production planning and order fulfillment control. They were using a number of old systems and were finding it difficult to store and track materials efficiently. They now have one solution from Columbus which has led to many business benefits including:

  • 80% improvement in production lead time.
  • 30% decrease in inventory levels.
  • 50% reduced data duplication and manual labor.

"Columbus has great industry and business experience and I am happy to recommend them to manufacturing organizations."



Lintera, a manufacturer of wood working and machine tools, were looking for a solution to help them improve the experience they offered their customers. They selected Columbus and have seen some great benefits including the ability to analyze company data and control all of the company's resources. The new solution has helped improve the operational efficiencies of the organization through the implementation of new processes and a move to electronic documents.

"We chose Columbus because of their experience of implementation and the expertise of the industry."



UAB Vytrolma manufacture sheet steel for the construction industry. They have a large product range and the production cycle times vary which had led to challenges in the business. They selected Columbus because of the industry, solutions and implementation experience. The new solution has led to increased operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

  • 25% improvement in the accuracy of production planning
  • 30% shorter product lead times
  • 20% increased production accuracy
  • 15% reduced inventory levels

"The Columbus project team were extremely professional. All the way through the process we had great communication with them and they helped us to make the right decisions."



Makita is a global manufacturer of power tools such as drills, saws, hammers, compressors and more. Makita were looking to automate many of their processes to improve efficiencies and customer service and selected Columbus to implement their new solution. These included financial control, customer relationship management and product support services (such as support for defective products, taking decisions on repairs under warranty or no warranty, repair pricing, billing and payment control, inventory management, parts and components).

"The Columbus solution optimizes our business, increases our efficiency and leads to better customer service."



Szynaka-Furniture is a leading furniture manufacturer employing more than 750 people. They were looking to increase the controls in the production of the thousands of items they manufactured each week. They had been using several systems which were inefficient and caused delays and increased costs. To solve their issues they turned to a solution from Columbus. This integrated solution has enabled them to optimize the planning processes, gain greater control of business processes, gain faster and better quality reporting, as well as the full support of management accounting. Also they now have access to all the information and analysis in real time.

"The Columbus solution has enabled Szynaka-Furniture to integrate the whole business and the ability to analyze all operations to help make better business decisions."


Tronrud Engineering

Tronrud Engineering is a leading provider of cutting edge technology working on unique projects in the industrial sector. They selected ColumbusManufacturing to help them streamline the processes from the engineering department to the production floor. As part of the solution, Tronrud is using a number of modules from the Columbus ADM (Advanced Discrete Manufacturing) solution including Advanced Project Management, Product Engineering and the integration to Siemens PLM solution. Tronrud now has a much tighter grip on their projects which enables them to operate more efficiently and effectively driving increased profits.

"The Columbus Solution ensures increased cost control on all projects running through the plant."


Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power Tools is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and materials for the professional user in the hardware industry. The majority of their orders previously came through either the phone or the mail which was time consuming and led to mistakes. They were looking for an eCommerce solution that would help drive increased sales, was fully integrated with their ERP solution and would be easy to set up and maintain. They selected Columbus eCom and have received very positive feedback from both the customers and the internal staff. They have now reduced the internal work load and increased sales.

"The total amount of orders and also the amount of products on each order has significantly increased."


Belmont Equipment and Technologies

Belmont Equipment and Technologies is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical discharge machining products, employing over 100 people in 6 locations serving multiple countries. When it came to selecting a new ERP solution to replace their aging legacy system, Belmont selected ColumbusManufacturing. This has enabled them to streamline processes and reduce costs leading to continuing growth. A key benefit was to gain a holistic view of the business across all operational levels to better serve the customers’ needs. Another key driver was true integration across multiple sites to better manage inventory, sales processes, manufacturing and supply chain activities. The company selected Columbus to gain a 360-degree view of their customers and more accurately manage inventory to meet both production and sales needs.

"With Columbus' implementation expertise, we expect to see a positive return on investment in less than 12 months."


Packaging Concepts and Design

Packaging Concepts and Design is a 90 year old manufacturer of packaging materials for the automotive industry providing a complete and integrated approach to the design, development, and supply of packaging materials. Their old system was outdated and they needed a solution to enable them to automate internal communications between engineering, sales orders, purchase orders and production. They selected Columbus to achieve this and also to help them gain greater visibility into their inventory, production planning and forecasting across all operational levels. The new solution provides them with a more flexible, powerful, and responsive production system that will help them stay more competitive, reduce time-to-market and help them grow.

"The Columbus solution will allow us to manage a single, integrated view of financial and supply chain information to help us simplify our planning and allocation of materials and resources. We will now be able to gain better insight into materials planning, inventory management, and fine-tune our accounting processes."


COE Press Equipment

COE Press Equipment designs and manufactures a complete line of premiere coil handling and servo roll feed equipment, serving a variety of diverse industries domestically and internationally. They were looking for a solution that could provide a foundation to enable automation of strategic processes within their business. They selected ColumbusManufacturing for its specific industry functionality from customer concept to delivery. This now allows them to capitalize on their potential for growth by doing more with the same resources.

"We sought an industry specific ERP solution that leveraged today’s technology."


Hanover Displays

Hanover Displays is Europe's leading manufacturer of electronic destination signs for the public transport industry. Established in 1985, the company has consistently grown and developed, continually refining its product range to meet the specific demands of their customers. Hannover had outgrown their previous systems. Re-keying of data, a reliance of spreadsheets and the inability to gain real insight into their business was beginning to cause increasing inefficiencies. They selected ColumbusManufacturing including ColumbusADM (Advanced Discrete Manufacturing) to help improve the operational efficiencies of the business whilst generating cost savings.

"We were extremely impressed with Columbus. They have an in depth knowledge of both the product and the manufacturing sector. The size of their customer base and their global footprint gave us great confidence in their ability."



Emtelle has been manufacturing air blown fibre technology and ducted network solutions for over 20 years, with production locations in the United Kingdom, Denmark and India. Emtelle was looking to replace their aging ERP system to provide one seamless system for managing activities across the organization, including: shop floor data capture, production and planning, logistics, purchasing, sales, financials and reporting. Emtelle selected ColumbusManufacturing to allow for much clearer visibility across the business, as well as providing the flexibility needed to ensure that Emtelle remains at the forefront of innovation. The modern user-friendly platform allows them to drive scale and streamline operations by aligning processes across the organisation.

"As we continue to expand globally it was important that we chose a partner that we could trust to support our ambitions. The solution from Columbus helps Emtelle build on its world-class levels of customer service and manufacturing."


Babcock International

Babcock International, is a project-based engineering company operating in business areas requiring specialist mechanical handling solutions. They had been running on a dysfunctional operating systems with over 100 legacy applications based on a 20-year-old mainframe system with numerous databases. They were looking for a new ERP solution with automated business processes based on one single platform to improve efficiency, productivity, service and response times. BNS selected ColumbusManufacturing and they have made great benefits throughout the business. The new solution allows all of the BNS business sectors to work closer and more efficiently with their customers. The speed of access to information and reduction in waste now allows them to maintain a competitive edge in their target markets.

"We visited some Columbus existing customers and were impressed with the professionalism of the company and the high levels of long-term support that was evident."



Colorbök is a leading manufacturer and distributor of paper crafts, kids’ crafts, stationery, photo albums and much more. Established in 1984 the company made its national debut with the launch of Alpha Notes. The product became an instant success and Colorbök quickly became firmly established as a top stationery company noted for originality, innovation and creativity. They selected Columbus to help them built its success through dynamic product innovation and relentless creative ingenuity across all product categories. Colorbok has had a growth rate of over 25% every year since it implemented ColumbusManufacturing in 2003.

"Colorbök growth rate has been anywhere between 25% to as much as 100%, since we went live with ColumbusManufacturing in December of 2003 - that month we also shipped record products. In fact, I don’t think we could have met that record had we not gone live with Columbus."


SAAB North America

SAAB North America, originally part of General Motors, required a solution to deal with sales, marketing and service, as well as a call center technology, when the divestiture took place in 2010. SAAB selected Columbus and the online CRM solution was rolled out in only 30 days. The key benefits of the solution have been the ease of use and easy customization to meet specific, critical requirements. This has led to an extremely high level of customer satisfaction from the 1600 callers each month.

"We are highly confident the solution will continue to support our needs as our company continues to change."



Kamstrup is a leading manufacturer of metering solutions for the energy industry. It is represented in 40 countries with 650 employees. Their key requirement was to enhance the service that they provided for their 20,000 customers. The new solution from Columbus has enabled them to track exactly how many minutes they spend with each customer, and the workflow gives the customer visibility of the project throughout its life. This visibility has also helped the sales department to proactively engage with customers and offer additional services. A key benefit has been the ability to report on information across the business which has helped the business in decision making.

"Columbus’s experience and international presence was a crucial parameter when we selected a partner. They have met our expectations with some great people."



Novatek is one of the largest independent global producers of natural gas. Established in 1994, the company is engaged in the exploration, extraction and processing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons. Novatek wanted a solution that would automate their processes and consolidate data from its many subsidiaries and give visibility of the whole business. The new powerful and flexible solution enables Novatek to have access to timely, complete and accurate business information that helps them in their decision making.

"The new system significantly reduces the preparation time of our consolidated financial statements and ensures the efficient allocation of resources."


Group Volhovets

Group Volhovets is a leading manufacturer of natural and synthetic interior doors. The company has an annual turnover of around $90 million, and the average annual production is 200,000 doors. They were looking for a solution that would offer them accurate real time information to give transparency of the business and enable better management decision making. They selected a Columbus solution which has enabled them to streamline their processes and improve the efficiencies of the business.

"We have completely eliminated time-consuming manual processing of data and increased the reliability of our business information."



Rockwool has been manufacturing high quality mineral wool insulation based on basalt rocks for over 60 years, with 22 plants in 14 countries and 7,500 employees. They were using multiple systems and manual processes which was time consuming, costly and led to inaccurate information. In 2009 they selected Columbus because of the deep industry and implementation expertise. This led to an automated process that has streamlined the business, cut out much of the paper work and manual labor, and driven great efficiencies.

"Columbus proved its professionalism, expert competence and high standards of service, and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship."



Altynalmas has been manufacturing refined silver and gold since 1993. In 2009 they decided that they needed to move to a new consolidated ERP solution that would scale across multiple geographies and give them access to much needed business information. The new solution has increased efficiencies, improved business processes, led to improved communications between departments and greatly improved the efficiency of the staff.

"The experience of working with Columbus has been extremely useful for our company in terms of methodology and alignment of business processes."



GIS, a Weatherford subsidiary, is a leader in the geophysical market providing services to the oil and gas sector. Rapid expansion had led to an increase in disparate systems. There was a need to automate the logistics management processes, operational and financial performance, with one central solution controlling all business processes. The lack of a unified information system made it difficult to control timely information which led to reduced efficiency of decision-making. They selected to work with Columbus because of their industry expertise and geographic coverage. The benefits of the solutions included the improved quality of decision-making in the enterprise and the improved efficiency of the entire enterprise.

"It is always a pleasure to work with professionals."



R82 develops, manufactures and sells equipment that helps disabled children and young people sit, stand, walk and be transported. Their success depends on ensuring that they can supply their customers with the right, fully customized products at the right time. The Columbus solution has helped to minimize the risk of errors between what is ordered and what is delivered with an automated workflow throughout the process.

"Columbus consultants have gone into our business and really helped us. It's more of a partnership than a customer-supplier relationship. There is a good chemistry between us."



Sveza is a leading manufacturer of plywood, with six factories, selling to over 200 different products to 70 countries worldwide. They wanted to improve the effectiveness of each stage in the production cycle, the reliability of their ordering process, the supply of raw materials and finished products, as well as the transparency of financial flows. They selected Columbus because of the functionality and flexibility of the solution and their industry and implementation expertise. They have seen many benefits across the whole business that have helped increase their efficiency and grow their revenues.

"The new efficiencies in manufacturing ensures that the whole business runs more smoothly."



Zotefoams is a leading manufacturer of cellular materials with three operational sites, sales staff across the world, supplying to over 40 countries globally. Zotefoams’ products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare and the military. They also license Intellectual Property and sell related machinery for microcellular foaming in polymer extrusion processes. As part of a drive to enhance service levels, support growth plans and drive business improvement Zotefoams sought an ERP solution compatible with its multi-site, multi-product strategy. They selected ColumbusManufacturing because it was a powerful, agile, easy-to-use solution that will add value to Zotefoams’ existing operational processes.

"Columbus really impressed us when they introduced themselves, their product and their support services to us. They really understand our needs and what we aim to achieve with the system."


Rapp Marine

Rapp Marine has, for more than a 100 years, successively developed new generations of advanced machinery and equipment for the marine and offshore oil industries worldwide. Their strategy is to create products and solutions at the technological forefront for an international market. They selected ColumbusManufacturing with Advanced Discrete Manufacturing because of the specific industry functionality with no need for costly customisations. The key benefits of the solution are in the increased efficiencies created though having one end to end solution automating and streamlining processes.

"The Columbus Solution fits the business without the need for expensive customisations."


VG Scienta

VG Scienta’s vacuum component business, established over 40 years ago, has built a name for itself based on high quality and technical innovation in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) applications. It continues to support the most technical and forward thinking research institutions and manufacturers globally. VG Scienta has over 3000 standard products as well as a dedicated design department for R&D servicing a global network of offices and distributors in Americas, Asia pacific and Europe. They selected ColumbusManufacturing because it was an end to end solution that was powerful enough to support their current and future business needs. The key areas they were looking to improve were planning, reporting and operational efficiency to help them stay at the forefront of their industry.

"Columbus gave us confidence in their ability to implement as they came with huge technical ability and product understanding as well as practical knowledge of the manufacturing industry."



Dynea is a leading manufacturer of adhesive and surfacing solutions. The legacy system that they had in place was costly to maintain, complex to run and did not meet the needs of the business. They were unable get access to data to help them make good business decisions. They selected ColumbusManuafacuring because it was simple, flexible and agile and they have had very positive feedback from the users. The solution fit was perfect with no customisations necessary and Dynea now have real time information at their fingertips. The new solution was rolled out to 10 factories in 90 days and they have already seen a large fall in IT costs and increased efficiencies across the whole of the business.

"Columbus understood exactly what we required. It is the best ERP project I have been part of in my 20 years of ERP experience."