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Cut 25% of the average picking route and pave the way for further optimization

Optimize your warehouse and logistics with Columbus Pro WMS, which makes your business more competitive and minimize non-revenue generating transportation time in the warehouse. It spares employees, reduces drudgery and absenteeism - and can potentially delay much more expensive warehouse investments.

Columbus Pro WMS is a cloud hosted service that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365's existing Warehouse management module.

Fewer steps in the warehouse

Plan each pick list in order to achieve the shortest possible route.

Instead of picking by the traditional "row by row" method, Columbus Pro WMS works 100% dynamically in two dimensions based on the warehouse layout - and without preferences for specific routes.

Fewer steps in the warehouse means faster orders, greater through-put on the same input and a better working environment for employees.



Visualization of the warehouse

All locations are assigned a geographical location in the Columbus Pro WMS.

The solution provides a constantly updated heatmap, which provides a graphical, accurate and data-driven overview of which items are visited most often.

By visualizing the warehouse movements, Columbus Pro WMS can help the warehouse manager easily and efficiently optimize the warehouse layout, identify inefficient warehouse processes, and achieve continuous improvement of overall picking distances.

Save time and money

Save time and money with 'smart picking'. Research shows a saving of 15-25% on picking distance.

You also increase employee satisfaction and productivity - no more annoying detours, and you create less drudgery on equipment, which leads to longer equipment lifespan.

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Shorten the route

ERP solutions and their warehouse management modules are surprisingly poor at optimizing picking routes. Therefore, many thousands of superfluous kilometers are traveled in warehouses every day. It puts employees, finances and logistics under pressure and makes it difficult to send goods on time at peak times.

With Columbus Pro WMS, on the other hand, you can cut 10-25% of the average picking route and pave the way for further optimization.

At the same time, the solution presents a constantly updated and graphical overview of which locations are visited most often. It provides a basis for constantly prioritizing and optimizing the warehouse layout to further minimize picking routes.

See results in no time

Columbus Pro WMS is a cloud hosted service that can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management existing Warehouse management module, Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics AX2012 R3; Columbus Pro WMS:

  • Operated in the cloud on Microsoft Azure at a fixed, low subscription price
  • Is easy and quick to put into operation
  • Limited amounts of data move between Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • Do not impair the performance or stability of your Warehouse management solution
  • Easy access via APIs
  • Maximum security with with Azure Key Vault
Kristian Nolting

Kristian Nolting

Senior Consultant

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