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Customer experience matters because great experiences can encourage loyalty and a higher chance of the customer promoting your brand with the world. Bad experiences encourage the opposite. It’s also important to note customers tend to only remember and talk about their best and worst experiences, not those good to average ones in between.
The increasing importance of high value content to customers has become a key strategy point for businesses committed to their customers’ experience and eCommerce growth. Whether it's gold-standard product information, relevant articles or leveraging data to simplify the buying journey, it's a shared vision and buy-in across the enterprise that clearly drives success.

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Why customer experience matters

Great customer experiences boost trust, loyalty and sales. That’s why CX is so important. Our blog post delves deeper. Read more here.

Q&A: What's next for customer-driven content and successful eCommerce growth?

What approaches are vital to successful eCommerce growth? Why do we need to adopt a customer-centric mindset? We team up with Episerver in this video Q&A.

Why your rental and leasing business needs to embrace digitalisation

The rising popularity of equipment rental and leasing means businesses need to consider digitalisation. Read about some more reasons why in this blog.

How a CRM system and sales force automation improves lead nurturing

Your lead nurturing process is important. A CRM system and sales force automation can help you enhance it. Discover the five main reasons in this blog.

How technology can help enhance your allergen management process

Allergen management is vital. Technology can help you gain more visibility, control and transparency over your manufacturing processes. Find out more here.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that helps you manage interactions with your customers and leads. It can help you gain deeper customer intelligence, improve sales efficiency and coordinate all your customer engagement efforts across the business.
One of the biggest challenges for a business when implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is not realising the need for organisational change management. Implementing an ERP solution in your organisation implies change and change inevitably will engender some resistance.
In using Dynamics 365 software, users benefit from being able to see detailed information about their organisation's data. To find out if Power BI can help you view intuitive business insights with out of the box functionality, at low cost, then read on to find out more!
As many of us wind down for the festive season, now is a great time to think about the maintenance of the systems your business relies on, and get organised for next year. Next year, we see new trends emerging including Evergreen updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365, so use the end of the year to ensure you are prepared for changes to come.
UAT (User Acceptance Testing) gives an organisation the chance to test its software (a new implementation, an upgrade or even a customisation) using both real-world examples and those people who will be using the software day to day. It is often the final stage of the implementation process; conducted to ensure that system requirements meet business needs and allowing for any issues to be fixed before the system goes live.
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