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Microsoft Dynamics CRM


How to use your CRM system effectively: 10 best practice tips

Customers, whether current or prospective, are the number one asset to every company! And your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), when used correctly, is the best way for you to build relationships, manage needs and communicate with this asset.

How to keep your CRM data clean: 8 best practices to get started

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that helps you manage interactions with your customers and leads. It can help you gain deeper customer intelligence, improve sales efficiency and coordinate all your customer engagement efforts across the business.

CRM and Sales Force Automation - What do the experts say?

This research finds the conclusion is pretty much self-explanatory … essentially, it’s saying: … all 3 of the major Analysts agree - Microsoft is one of the TOP 3, so, “include Microsoft on your shortlist”

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