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Your customer service staff aren’t the only ones in your business who can contribute to a great, unforgettable customer experience. So can your other customer-facing assets, such as your e-commerce website (if you have one) and your field service... Let’s focus on field service for a moment. It’s not the post-sale, resource-draining obligation that you might think.

It can actually be one of your best opportunities to engage with your customers, improve relationships and boost overall revenue. Here’s how your field service engineers shape your brand.

Build trust, loyalty and satisfaction

How important is your field service

Machine downtime means lost revenue for your customers so it’s important to avoid this and efficient field service can help. If your business can keep your customers’ machines up and running and downtime at a minimum, you can boost customer satisfaction.

Now, if you can accurately predict when your customers’ machines might break down or cause any downtime and promptly send field service engineers out to resolve the issue, you can boost satisfaction even more. This can have a positive knock-on effect on trust and loyalty.

It’s about anticipating your customers’ requirements, ideally even before they realise what they need! Technology, like Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, can help you stay steps ahead. For example, you can build predictive and proactive maintenance models, making it easier to monitor machinery and fix issues before they become problems.

This helps you become more customer-centric, ensuring that your company is a trustworthy partner that your customers can rely on.

Take advantage of additional revenue streams

Field service and customer service

Field service engineers are perfectly placed to up and cross-sell services and equipment. Think about it.

Who else will know your customers better than the engineers who monitor and go to fix their machines? Who else will earn your customers’ trust better than the engineers who go onsite to fix their machines, quickly and successfully?

And for those reasons, whose opinion/advice will your customers trust more? That’s how your field service staff can help boost revenue by opening additional streams.

Just keep in mind that it’s not about making a sales pitch. It’s about understanding your customer needs and recommending further, relevant products and services that will provide them with more value. That’s how you can ensure your team’s upsell and cross-sell efforts are successful.

Be brand ambassadors while on-the-go

Benefits of field service engineers

Your field service team are walking, talking, live representatives of your business. They have the chance to leave a positive association of your brand in customers’ minds.

Your customers are constantly expecting excellent service and experience - that includes a machine that runs faultlessly. They’ll be disappointed if it breaks down but if you can catch the machine before it breaks down and resolve the issue or successfully amend the problem (e.g. fixing the machine or replacing it), you can turn that emotion around.


The right field service technology is important in your overall customer service and experience

If your engineers are going to provide a consistently efficient, excellent service, they need to have received the training and information required. That includes:

  • Knowing customer preferences e.g. historical data on machine performance and past cases (even if they weren’t the technician who helped last time)
  • Knowledge of the machine and common issues associated with it (to be able to fix it)
  • Ability to recommend relevant additional products and services

This is where the right solution comes in. A solution, like Dynamics 365 (D365) Field Service, can ensure your engineers are equipped with all they need to offer excellent service, build trust and loyalty, successfully up and cross-sell, and best represent your brand.

Dynamics 365 Field Service brings everything you need to excel in customer service into one place. This enables you to send the right resource to the right place at the right time, along with all the tools needed to succeed the first time.

Once, the concept of customer service meant one touchpoint - a call centre. Today, that old concept of customer service is actually just one part of the overall customer experience picture. It’s not just about answering customer queries quickly and effectively; it’s about anticipating their needs and resolving issues before they arise.

And an intuitive solution like D365 Field Service can help. Find out more about D365 Field Service in our comprehensive factsheet. Grab your copy via the button below.

How D365 Field Service can help

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