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    23rd May, 2018
    10 reasons why you need Microsoft Azure

    The number of organisations who are incorporating cloud-based technologies as part of their businesses models is significantly increasing, whether it is a hybrid approach or a full cloud implementation. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Microsoft have made announcements that Azure will power multiple new projects in AI and ML.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    16th April, 2018
    Webinar: A smart roadmap for digital change in manufacturing

    Columbus to host webinar on 8 May in conjunction with The Manufacturer. A recent survey found that 72% of industrial companies in Europe are planning to invest more into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies in the next three years, as they expect them to deliver significant competitive and financial advantages.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - processing machinery
    13th April, 2018
    Industry 4.0, Industry X.0 - where do we stand with digital transformation in manufacturing?

    In his contribution to our recent Manufacturing 2020 report, Columbus CEO and author of bestselling business manual “Disrupt or Die”, Thomas Honoré pointed out that even before Industry 4.0 had fully matured, 'Industry X.0’ ideas were already being developed.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    12th April, 2018
    Customer experience: The X-factor in manufacturing

    Find out how manufacturers are prioritizing customer experience as a key brand differentiator Manufacturing is no longer restricted to reducing downtime and ensuring efficient production. It has moved to being about creating a differentiated and unique customer experience (CX).

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    Manufacturing blog image - 2 men inside warehouse
    5th April. 2018
    The next chapter in the digital revolution of UK manufacturing: Data-driven, customer-first

    These are changing times for the British manufacturing industry. Robotics, industrial automation and 3D printing are radically transforming manufacturing processes and keeping manufacturers on their toes in anticipation of the next wave of digital disruption.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    27th March, 2018
    How to digitally empower manufacturers: Six steps to take

    We have reached an era where how digitally empowered you are determines, how successful you will be.

    Categories: Digitization, Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - operator and machinery
    14th March, 2018
    Improving visibility in manufacturing with Data Analytics

    Modern technologies, new business capabilities and increased pressures from consumers is forcing more and more manufacturers to embrace the opportunities of Industry 4.0, especially when it comes to big data analytics.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    6th March, 2018
    Manufacturing in 2020: How far are you looking into the future? [NEW report]

    “A tremendously important contribution to the debate about the future of our sector over the next few years, during which time we can anticipate a near-perfect storm of events and circumstances, many beyond our control, that will affect how we all do business” – Henry Anson, Managing Director, The Manufacturer

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    28th February, 2018
    Trending in manufacturing: The importance of upskilling your workforce

    Everyone knows that manufacturing is changing – in fact, it is all that many businesses and influencers in this space are talking about. The question is; if we all know that the manufacturing industry is experiencing very disruptive changes, why aren’t more manufactures ensuring that their ‘traditional’ workforce are equipped and ready to excel in their new environment?

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    18th December 2017
    Key trends transforming manufacturing in 2018

    Digital transformation has been a key trend for 2017 and will continue to disrupt manufacturing processes into 2018, if you haven’t already, it is time to embrace the change and take advantage of the new opportunities that it brings.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    The Connected Factories

    “Two-thirds of the respondents of this year’s survey are aware of Industry 4.0”

    Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, Digitization

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - processing machinery
    29th November 2017
    What makes supply chain excellence: Part three

    Written by Columbus Product Strategy Director, Kevin Bull. This year, he joined the judging panel for The Manufacturer Supply Chain Excellence award, here's the final part of our blog series looking into what makes "excellence".

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