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    5th January 2018
    3 CRM trends that will enhance customer experience in 2018

    Traditional CRM solutions are a thing of the past with modern systems delivering the full spectrum of applications; a strong all-round CRM solution is capable of delivering everything needed to develop and retain customer relationships.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Digital leadership challenges
    21st December 2017
    How to manage the challenges of disruptive innovation

    Disruption is not only about being proactive to change but being reactive as well; organisations must be agile and need to understand that disruption is a challenge that encompasses the entire business rather than just the IT department.

    Categories: Disruption, Digital Transformation, Leadership

    18th December 2017
    Key trends transforming manufacturing in 2018

    Digital transformation has been a key trend for 2017 and will continue to disrupt manufacturing processes into 2018, if you haven’t already, it is time to embrace the change and take advantage of the new opportunities that it brings.

    Categories: Manufacturing, Digital Transformation

    NAV 2018 boosting user efficiency
    15th December 2017
    How to boost user efficiency in NAV 2018

    The release of Dynamics NAV 2018 introduced numerous core application enhancements delivering a more user-friendly experience. Find out how NAV 2018 can help boost your user efficiency.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Young business professional smartly dressed using an iPad
    12th December 2017
    NAV 2018 is here, and it's here to stay!

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 has arrived. The latest version offers significant enhancements and new features improving integration across different business areas and systems designed to further help SMEs improve organisational efficiency.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Food Allergens
    7th December 2017
    Reducing food recall risks with ERP in the cloud

    A product recall is one of the most unpleasant and potentially damaging experiences likely to come your way in the food industry.

    Categories: Food

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - processing machinery
    29th November 2017
    What makes supply chain excellence: Part three

    Written by Columbus Product Strategy Director, Kevin Bull. This year, he joined the judging panel for The Manufacturer Supply Chain Excellence award, here's the final part of our blog series looking into what makes "excellence".

    Categories: Manufacturing

    tilbagekaldelse af fødevarer
    28th November 2017
    How to accurately manage costing and margins in food manufacturing

    Managing your costing, prices, and margins is a never-ending effort that requires continuous updates and a high level of managerial control. Today’s cloud-based ERP and analytics solutions can reduce the complexity of this effort and increase the likeliness of its success.

    Categories: Food

    23rd November 2017
    Transitioning Microsoft Dynamics perpetual licences to Software as a Service

    Bought a Microsoft Dynamics Licence and now want to move to the Cloud? In this post, we explore what you need to do.

    21st November 2017
    7 success scenarios for ERP and data analytics in the food industry

    In the food industry, volatile supply chain conditions, quickly perishable goods, elevated safety standards, and intense competition can make it challenging to run a profitable business.

    Categories: Food

    13th November 2017
    How to improve customer satisfaction with accurate demand planning

    When you want to make sure that you can deliver the right food product when consumers want it, you try to align distribution, production, procurement, and all other processes with that goal. Modern, powerful ERP and analytics can help you take the uncertainty out of demand planning and make the effort more efficient.

    Categories: Food

    Manufacturing supportive blog image - machining equipment
    9th November 2017
    How data-driven technology drives innovation in manufacturing

    “For this business, innovation is its lifeblood – and as Greg Rowe confirms – innovative internal systems that adapt with your business are just as important as product innovation.”

    Categories: Manufacturing