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    29th January, 2018
    Microsoft Dynamics: Making Tax Digital

    Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a UK Government initiative to help streamline HMRC returns. It will be compulsory for all VAT registered businesses which means it applies to all our Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers in SMB and Enterprise.

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    investing in ERP
    25th January 2018
    Inspiring the next generation in STEM

    I read something this morning that left me slightly bewildered. According to The Guardian, ‘despite almost half (46%) of females considering a STEM career while at school, only 13% make it through to fulfilling their plans.’ Currently only 17% of jobs in the technology industry are held by women. Why?

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    Digital leadership challenges
    21st December 2017
    How to manage the challenges of disruptive innovation

    Disruption is not only about being proactive to change but being reactive as well; organisations must be agile and need to understand that disruption is a challenge that encompasses the entire business rather than just the IT department.

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    6 September, 2017
    Have you challenged your Millennials today?

    Today, the most important and wanted employee group is the Millennials – also called generation Y. They are the best educated, most travelled, most digitized, most outgoing and the most ambitious generation ever. But also the hardest to attract and retain.

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    will you be ready when disruption comes calling? thumbnail
    2nd May, 2017
    Will you be ready when disruption comes calling?

    Have you experienced disruption in your business lately? What was that like? Congratulations if you were prepared and had an effective response, or were even at the crest of the wave!

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    9 June, 2016
    Are you skilled or just lucky

    We keep chasing it. The success. Every day, every quarter and every year. We constantly want to see improvement and reach our goals. In business, success is essential. However, success has a downside. We become dazzled by it, and then we don’t understand the reason for the success. Therefore it is important to be more skeptical of the success than of the defeat.

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    4 May, 2016
    Does talent whisper or shout

    How do you discover new talent in your company? Do you look for those who shout the loudest and quickly show results, or the whispering talent who takes longer to enter the scene?

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    10 February, 2016
    Are you stressed or just busy

    In a time when work is borderless and demands on us keep increasing, stress lurks just around the corner. But the gradual transition between work and leisure also means that we need a clearer distinction between being busy and having stress.

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    22 January, 2016
    You learn most from the annoying boss

    Poor cooperation with the manager is the most common reason for resignations. As they say, “employees come to the company, but leave the manager”. However, that is a cheap argument, where the employee disclaims the responsibility for his or her own situation and career. If you are happy with your job, there is much more to learn from staying in the company and learn from the differences.

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    10 November, 2015
    The greatest victories start with defeat

    When is the victory greatest? When do you learn the most? Is it when you head the high road to success? Or is it when you overcome difficult hurdles, almost giving up and despite all odds finally celebrate your success?

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    6 October, 2015
    Quit the values and worship the habits

    Several companies have them. Values. Either on the wall at the front desk, in the company’s handbook or on the website. However, are the defined values really worth anything when they have to contend with many years of deep-rooted habits in a company?

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    3 September, 2015
    When vulnerability becomes a management strength

    I recently attended a networking event with a number of business leaders. At some point, the discussion tuned into the use of social media at work, and suddenly I was part of a very interesting and intense debate, as a CEO of a small IT company proclaimed, “in his company employees are fired if they use Facebook during working hours”.

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