Columbus Dynamic Security (DSM) is an innovative tool that greatly enhances the security setup and monitoring of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, through the improved segregation of duties and enhanced security.

Based on the tracking of each employee’s working procedure in AX2012, DSM will automatically find the best matching security role, show what is missing in terms of access within the security role and furthermore which duties and privileges can be added to create full coverage of the recorded working process.

Dynamic Security Management is an innovative matching solution in AX which will automatically lead you through the process and enable you to ensure that your ERP data is secure.

To learn more about the key features of DSM, watch our webinar here, which includes an interview with customer MHI Vestas Offshore Wind on why they selected DSM and what kind of benefits this solution gives them.

Watch the Dynamic Security Management webinar here.

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Dynamic Security Management webinar
How secure is your ERP?

Watch our webinar to understand the safety of your system