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Customers today demand a consistent experience across channels and a more proactive and effective customer service. Companies, on the other hand, face extreme pressure to map the customer journey during each touchpoint and effectively engage customers on any channel or device. Companies desire to optimise the distribution channel between manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to focus on improving brand awareness and customer loyalty.

At Columbus, we enable companies to link customer experience to business outcomes. We reshape your digital strategy and customer interactions at each step to create a more agile, customer-centric organisation. Our solutions ensure your customer journey is a perfectly orchestrated symphony that delivers harmony, growth and brand advocacy. 

Increased Customer-Centricity

Omni-channel support to ease the buying journey. Effective post-sales service to ensure a long-term relationship with the customer.

Deep Visibility into Customer Journey

Understand customer behaviour to tailor offerings and create rich, interactive, and engaging digital experiences, while cutting down marketing costs.

Scalability & Business Continuity

Improve ROI through increased productivity, integrated information and best-in-class reporting. Scale your business into new lines of products or brands.

We know one size doesn't fit all...

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Will you Grow or Shrink in Today’s Digital Marketplace?

Organisations that have matured into the digital marketplace utilise the latest technology and are ensuring their position in the top right corner of the Commerce Quadrant. Enabling them to meet the elevated buying patterns of the digital consumers and businesses.
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4 Most Common Customer Service Demands and How to Solve Them

Customer experience is one trend that isn’t going away. An Evolution of new disruptive business ventures has made sure of that, from those at the start like Zappos to today’s front-runners like Amazon and Uber.
Industry Report

Customer Experience & Loyalty Report

Research suggests that 63% of CRM initiatives fail, yet more than 50% of organisations are redirecting investments towards customer experience (CX) innovations. 
B2B eCommerce Report

How to Meet Buyers’ Demand for (Better) B2B e-commerce

Learn more about the b2b buying process and how effectively use eCommerce to grow your business.
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Your Unified Commerce Recipe

Achieving Unified Commerce is best achieved by going on a journey and identifying a road map of business changes, projects and initiatives that can be executed.  But, what does this journey to Unified Commerce look like?


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We offer the only completely servitised, fully out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 B2B eCommerce solution

In 2018, 57% of B2B executives said their top technology need for investment was an e-Commerce platform, making it the highest reported need (BigCommerce). An integrated e-Commerce solution gives you the power to delight your customers and maximise your revenues.

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