Business management for growing companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution designed to help midsize and smaller companies grow and manage their business. This is achieved by streamlining finance, operations, manufacturing, and supply chain processes, allowing businesses to better utilize existing assets.

Companies who operate internationally will find the multilanguage and multicurrency features beneficial to running their business. And for fast-moving companies, the business intelligence and reporting capabilities will be invaluable for maintaining that momentum.

For process manufacturers, Dynamics NAV provides a sound foundation for the more advanced functionality of Columbus’ award-winning industry solutions.

Everything you need to achieve more

  • Financial management and accounting
    Manage your cash, assets and banking.

  • Operations, manufacturing and supply chains
    Keep track and manage your production, inventory, orders and vendors.

  • Sales and service
    Take better control and manage your contacts, sales opportunities and services contract.

  • Project management
    Track projects, manage capacity and create estimates.

  • Business intelligence and reporting
    Make informed decisions by utilising a wider and holistic view of your business.

  • Support for international currencies
    Use multiple currencies and languages to help you compete globally.

  • Flexible deployment
    Deploy on-premises or in the cloud allowing you to use the right model for your business.

What results can you see with Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Empower people in your business.

Provide the various roles within your company with the right tools and powerful resources. The NAV system helps to utilise relevant data so your teams can do outstanding work and achieve your business objectives.

Grow efficiently and compete internationally.

Bring greater flexibility into your business processes and scale your business infrastructure affordably and securely in the cloud, allowing you to more effectively win and serve customers in international markets.

Simplify finance and operations management.

Streamline the businesses financial process to enable you to be more efficient, transparent and be more controlled; and increase your team’s achievement potential by utilising Office 365 productivity tools that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Gain insights to keep the business on track.

Keep a close eye on your performance and manage for steadily improving outcomes and utilise versatile reporting tools, which you can rely on and that can be adjusted for your business intelligence requirements.

Include the supply chain in value creation.

Make sure that your suppliers, vendors, and trading partners meet the standards of the business and support your commitment to customers. Utilise Dynamics NAV to highlight, identify and address potential issues before they impact on your business.


MS Dynamics NAV Insights

cloud technology blog
5th October 2017
How Columbus and Dynamics NAV meet top 3 SMB Drivers

Today at Direction EMEA, Microsoft revealed the results of a recent customer survey. The research explored the drivers for changing ERP and business systems in general. The results highlighted the top 3 concerns of companies across all industries, throughout the world.

18th September, 2017
Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Full focus on the Cloud

After months of waiting, it’s finally official! Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s full transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) has been announced at Directions North America conference in Orlando.

Young business professional using laptop outside
9th October 2017
Directions EMEA 2017: Dynamics NAV SaaSifaction

The annual Dynamics NAV conference wrapped up yesterday with all on cloud nine! The event started under a cloud, Directions NA had caused confusion and upset, especially among the old school who long for the return of “Navision”.