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29 May, 2017
Disruption. Forget technology. Focus on ambitions and power of action

Many companies mistakenly believe that disruption is about being on the cutting edge of technology. However, disruption is about ambitions and the power of action.

Categories: Disruption, Corporate, Generic, Thought Leadership, Leadership

10 April, 2015
Employees must be in the same boat as me

Motivated employees deliver better results. But how do you ensure you have motivated employees? Clear goals, follow up and praise are important tools in my management toolbox.

Categories: Leadership, Generic, Thought Leadership, Organization Development, Motivation, Leadership

23 January, 2015
When companies values are hot air

Recently, I visited a large Danish company. On the wall at the front desk, there was a large sign with the company's values. I think it said something about customer focus and collaboration. When I visit companies like that, I cannot help but think that the sign was created at "The great value day" several years ago. The only thing left today is the sign. The values have been forgotten. And habits have again taken over.

Categories: Leadership, Thought Leadership, Leadership, Value-based management, Customer focus