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Working with Microsoft Dynamics GP? You probably already know that one of the key advantages of aligning your business processes with Dynamics GP is the incremental amount of time it allows you to save. That said, a deeper dig into Dynamics GP’s tools and features can help you prevent losing out on opportunities to save even more time.

Often, Dynamics GP users are unaware of some powerful tools that can further save their time. The irony is that these under-utilized features and tools can help you harness the full potential of this ERP solution and save valuable productive hours.

Here are five effective ways you can save time with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Journal entry enhancements
    • Excel Paste Journal Entry
      You no longer have to type in your journal entries manually into your financial transaction entry form. With the Paste tool, you can directly copy the journal transactions to your ERP solution.
      Upon pasting the transaction, the system will validate the entry and report errors if any occur.

      Navigation to the feature

      Go to Finance >> Transaction>> General


    • User ID assigned to the entry
      This new field in Microsoft Dynamics GP enables you to see the ‘User Who Posted’ the journal entry. The User ID feature was introduced in the GP2018.2 version, which was released in October 2019. In the previous versions of the ERP solution, you would have had to create a SQL view, a smart list or a custom report to get the user ID information.
      Navigation to the feature
      Finance >> Inquiry >> Journal entry inquiry
    • Reverse historical year

      What do you if you want to edit your account entries after you’ve submitted year-end accounts? The ‘Reverse Historical Year’ tool will help you to revisit these accounts and make necessary changes. However, you need to take care of the following things before you make any changes:

      • Create backups before you edit any accounts
      • Ensure all GP users are logged out of the Finance module

      Of particular note is the fact that this feature gets disabled if you don’t maintain history in the GL setup window.

      Navigation to the feature

      Finance >> Routines >> Year-end

  • Export/ Import workflows
    With this new feature for workflow enhancement, you can now export your workflow setup and import it to another company. The Export or Import Workflow feature can even transfer workflow types with steps and conditions from one company to another. However, this feature doesn’t export the approvers of the workflow, given that every company may have different approvers.

    Navigation to the feature

    Administration >> Setup >> System>> Workflow Setup

  • Write off process review

    The ‘Write off’ feature has been a part of Microsoft Dynamics GP from the latter’s inception. However, the feature has evolved with every new upgrade and as of today, is instrumental in helping create a credit or debit memo when a customer overpays or underpays. This credit memo is applied to the document that you are writing off.

    Navigation to the feature

    Sales >> Routines >> Write off Documents

  • Excel refreshable reports
    This is perhaps one of the most underutilized tools of Microsoft Dynamics GP. To understand this feature, we have to understand what a Refreshable Report is. Simply put, it is an Excel spreadsheet that automatically updates itself with new data when refreshed or opened. These reports can be modified with different functions in the feature, and you can deploy these reports for one company or multiple companies.

    Navigation to the feature

    Administration >> Setup >> System >> Reporting tool setup
  • All-in-one views
    Though the ‘All-in-one’ tool was introduced in 2015, it has got modified over the years through the various upgrades Microsoft Dynamics GP has undergone. This feature enables the user to view all the documents related to a module in a comfortable one-view format. You can also customize your window by adding or removing documents. Additionally, you can apply filters to sort and view the data. With an All-in-one view window, you can simultaneously see documents related to sales, purchasing and inventory.
    Navigation to the feature
    Sales >> Inquiry>> Sales All-in-One View

We are certain this compilation of time-saving tips will assist your staff incrementally in making better use of their productive hours, besides optimizing the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

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