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We know—barbeque and swimsuit season is well underway. But that doesn’t mean “summer kick off” events are over.

Heck, we just celebrated Fourth of July as well as a huge soccer win for the FIFA World Cup. (Congratulations to the US women’s team—we knew you’d be “kicking off” all the way to gold!) Another summer kick off staple on the verge of launching is our Microsoft Dynamics GP trainings.

What better way to hone your GP skills than by practicing and learning from some of the Columbus MVPs in our Houston and Phoenix offices?

Think of it like an immersive summer camp with the best coaches around. We’ll teach you the tips and tricks to take your basic skills—like dribbling and passing—and your advanced skills—like penalty kicks and advanced footwork—to the next level so your overall game improves. Sorry, couldn’t resist a good soccer metaphor this time of year!

These courses are perfect for new users to learn the ropes of the system and become acquainted with different modules. We even have an Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP course in Houston that covers the basic elements and functions of GP and gives a broader look at the system.

But don’t let that limit you, even experienced GP users who have been in the application for years (lookin’ at you Great Plains!) can take a course as a refresher on whatever module or process could be helpful in your day-to-day.

From getting some hands-on time with SmartList in Phoenix to figuring out the Inventory Control module in Houston, you will surely become the next GP specialist in your office. Explore Accounts Payable and Receivable, Management Reporter, Fixed Assets and more to really become acquainted with your company’s ERP system and keep your skills in peak condition.

And if you’re looking for new ways to earn some CPE credits, why not take a course? It’s a great way to catch up your credits while also gaining some valuable time with a couple of our GP team members in-person.

Whatever your reasoning, attending one of these GP training courses will provide you with the experience and talent to earn that MVP designation among your peers.

Check out the full, upcoming schedule for both the Houston and Phoenix locations now and really get your summer started!

Take you GP skills to the next level this summer.


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