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Improve efficiencies and data accuracy in your food manufacturing business with an integrated pack station solution.

After logging into a terminal, the shop floor worker can call up open production orders and report production outputs, either one box at a time (for random weight or serialized box items) or for a quantity that was produced:

  • Integration to a weigh scale helps improve the accuracy of the weight data, versus manual keying or writing down weights.
  • Integration to the core ERP system automatically tracks and reports pack station outputs to production orders.
  • Automatic generation of case labels takes all the manual labor out of labeling, including labeling for serialized box tracking. (Check out our blog on the future of serialized box tracking and block chain support.)

Even if you don’t have to track case weights or serialize your boxes, an integrated pack station will save you labor and increase the accuracy of of your manufacturing data. Automatic generation of labels for both cases and pallets increase both the efficiency and accuracy of labeling and transaction reporting.

For manufacturers, with random catch weighted products, and for those who want to step up to serialized box tracking, integrated pack station capability is essential.

The ColumbusFood pack station provides an out of the box pack station solution. It offers full scale integration to most scale models, which can be set up either locally or on the network. Since ColumbusFood adds full catch weight capability to Business Central (the ERP system formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV), the pack station granule provides seamless integration for automation of catch weight recording in production. 

Boxes can not only be labelled with lot, catch weight and/or box serial information, but that data is stored in records in the ColumbusFood ERP system for each box produced. This offers tremendous advantages in the context of warehouse tracking of boxes on and off pallets, movements between warehouse bins and locations, and out the door to customers. 

So, whether you produce fixed weight or catch weighted products, or if you're considering serialized box tracking, reach out to Columbus to see how the ColumbusFood Pack Station solution and ERP can help you get to the next level of production efficiency and accuracy.

How to use box tracking ERP capabilities for food manufacturers and distributors


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