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Competitive advantage is the outcome of companies making better decisions faster than others. It's an edge organizations can garner over their competitors by doing just one thingcontrol their data to draw meaningful insights from it.

Leveraging data optimally is a function of accurate reporting. The more correctly data is captured, the better the quality of insights that can be drawn from it. Here’s where SmartList comes into the picture.

SmartList comes with Microsoft Dynamics GP. An easy-to-use, quick and customizable ad-hoc reporting tool, it allows you to work faster and more efficiently. With SmartList, you can create custom queries with pre-defined data to gain access to the kind of information you need; when you need it.

SmartList Export Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions are designed to help automate your unique business processes and accelerate your organization’s success. Enter SmartList Export Solutions.

With SmartList Export Solutions, you can add charts, pivot tables, calculated fields, sub-totals and additional formatting to your data. It also allows you to export search results to a template and run Excel or Word macros before, or after, exporting these results.

The steps to set up a macro are:

  • Create a new SmartList with the data and filters you desire
  • Export your new SmartList to Excel
  • Start recording a macro
  • Perform the formatting you want in the Excel spreadsheet, such as creating a pivot chart or table
  • Stop the macro
  • Delete any worksheets you may have added during formatting
  • Delete the data that was initially exported to Excel
  • Save the Excel spreadsheet as a template

The following steps attach the Excel template to a SmartList Export Solution:

  • On the SmartList Toolbar, select SmartList/ Export Solutions
  • Name your Export Solution
  • Under Document, select the Excel Template you created
  • Visible to: Everyone
  • Application: Excel
  • Under Works for Favorites, select the SmartList Favorite you created


Once the Export Solution gets created, you can execute it at any time. You only need to select your SmartList Favorite and select the Excel menu dropdown.

The best part? SmartList Export Solutions allows formulae to run automatically and also pre-formats the exported information.

Please feel free to email me should you want to know more.

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