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The countdown to United Fresh 2019 has begun!

We’re headed to the 2019 United Fresh Convention and Expo in a few weeks and we’re just a liiiittle bit excited to touch down in Chicago—okay, we’re a lot excited. Why? Well for starters we get to talk shop with produce insiders about solutions to their digital business challenges, but that’s not the only reason we’re pumped up. Here’s our top five:

  1. Make new friends: Have you seen the exhibitor list? Talk about an all-star lineup—we’ve got a lot of ground to cover this year. We’ll be making the rounds to congratulate Del Fresco on its LivingCube, which is a champion of sustainability-meets-functionality. And we’ll also be coming by to say kudos to Fresh Del Monte Produce for its new film-sealed eco-conscious fruit cups. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is we’re honored to be sharing the expo floor with so many legendary brands and we can’t wait to meet them.
  2. Say hello to old friends: We’re looking forward to seeing new faces, but we also can’t wait to reconnect with some of our old buddies. For example, our friendship with

    Strube Celery and Vegetable Company is about five years strong. The team even just launched one of our products, ColumbusFood, about six months ago. Exec Lisa Strube says they’re getting more and more comfortable with the new system every day, but we still can’t wait for a little reunion with the Strube team in Chicago.

  3. A humble brag—promise: If you follow us on social, you might have caught wind that we were selected as a United Fresh Innovation Awards Finalist in the “Best New Food Safety Solution” category. We’re honored that our new ColumbusFood ERP made the cut. We’re pretty darn proud to put software on the market that’s affordable and industry-specific right out of the box, with no customization needed. So, when people tell us they also think ColumbusFood is the bees-knees, we can’t help but do a little happy dance.

  4. We want to know the forecast: Not the weather forecast—though we do hope the Windy City lives up to its reputation of being idyllic in the summer. We want to know what the produce industry is up against this year and beyond. Servicing food companies is one of our core prerogatives, so it’s important to us to be completely in-the-know about upcoming trends. What challenges are on the horizon? What opportunities? What can we do as a technology resource to help existing and future clients operate at peak efficiency?

  5. Speaking of industry trends… We won’t be the only tech company in the house—there are some truly awesome innovators who will also be mingling on the expo floor. We can’t wait to nerd out on tech, software, machinery, electronics—you name it. There are even some technology workshops on the menu. Save us a seat at “The Next Intelligent Warehouse” session that covers how the produce supply chain is becoming uber-efficient.

Somehow deep-dish pizza didn’t make our top five, but it’s a close sixth. Whether you’re a new friend or an old pal, we’d love to see you at United Fresh. Find us at Booth #5019 or drop us a line to schedule a meetup—and yes, we’d be more than happy to have that meeting over a Chicago-style slice. See you there!

Updated June 26, 2019

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