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Analytics are the underdog of a business structure. It might sound like a fancy buzzword, but data analytics helps you keep track of the health of your business. It provides insight into your collective data and helps you make better decisions. Analytics explains the “why?”, “how?”, and the “so what?” in your business.

We recently hosted a webinar titled “Power your business with amplified budgeting and reporting tools,” hosted by our analytics and business intelligence expert, Mario Schwarts, and Stephanie Gamber, vice president of solutions engineering at Solver.

In case you missed it, here are our top three takeaways:

  1. BI360 is a leading cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software, rich in functionalities like reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and data warehousing. During the webinar, Mario and Stephanie discussed the importance of growing your business with added visibility, transparency, and efficiency in budgeting. Stephanie walked viewers through a demo of the platform, highlighting these core BI360 functionalities.
  2. Fully Azure ready (and on-premises), BI360 is easy to install, use, train, and integrate with multiple platforms. A true enterprise approach to business analytics is what today’s leading businesses are on the lookout for, and BI360 provides the solution. It enables your business to have world-class decision-making abilities based on trusted information. Leveraging the Microsoft platform, BI360 automates and simplifies budget and forecast processes while also improving KPIs. You might be wondering about the outcome of all this data integration—and yes, you will see better productivity across your organization, added company value, and recurring revenue growth.
  3. Another aspect, often overlooked in analytics, is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tool. Most companies do not have a CPM tool. An efficient CPM system works towards enhanced productivity by improving overall organizational performance to achieve business goals. In this webinar, viewers learned how BI360 enables your organization to beat the odds, master the game, and deliver a superior experience.

Whether you choose to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, you gain visibility into all aspects of your business—from forecasting and budgets, to reporting—using comments and automated email updates so that everyone can collaborate seamlessly and stay in the loop. You can make faster, more informed decisions using Columbus’ analytics and business insights tool, delivered by Power BI and BI360. Quickly go from data, to insight, to action using stunning visualizations, easy to use dashboards, and interactive reports all in one view.

To learn more, check out the on-demand version of our webinar for a look at how BI360 and Power BI bring your organization unparalleled reporting and budgeting tools.

About Solver

Solver enables world-class decisions with BI360, a leading web-based CPM suite made up of budgeting, reporting, dashboards, and data warehousing, delivered through a web portal. Solver is reinventing CPM with its next generation solution. BI360 empowers business users with modern features including innovative use of Excel in the model design process. If you’re interested in learning more, our team is excited to hear about your organizational needs and goals.



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