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It’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan ready. This has never been more true.

The COVID-19 situation has compelled companies to opt for remote working solutions for their employees, and contingent workforce and services must now come to the forefront to keep the show going.

Knowing that you can leverage technology-enabled solutions for a contingent workforce can be a big relief at a time like this. It's also reassuring to have a trusted technology partner, like Columbus, at the ready with the necessary expertise to apply these solutions in a planned manner through staff augmentation.

Columbus experts and specialists pitching in for companies via staff augmentation is not new. What is new is the volume of services we are equipped to offer with Columbus team members working remotely with your team.

Here’s a list of the types of services Columbus can provide to help you keep the show going:

  • Business Analyst or Internal Help Desk Support for your Microsoft CRM or ERP applications (AX/D365F&O, GP, NAV/BC)
  • System Administration support (including, but not limited to):
    • Documenting hardware and software inventory, and license details
    • Periodically evaluating server health
    • Charting backup and disaster recovery plans
    • Implementing different types and levels of patches
    • Checking for vulnerabilities during patching
    • Checking application compatibility with hardware and operating system
    • Performance/load testing
    • Ensuring server hardening
    • Ensuring automation of tasks (such as server health check-ups, resource utilization, backup triggers, transfer files and logs, etc)
  • Temporary program and project management assistance
  • IT infrastructure support that covers:
    • Network engineering
    • Network administration
    • Services management
    • Monitoring and IT security
  • Developer staff augmentation (Microsoft CRM or ERP applications (AX/D365F&O, GP, NAV/BC)
  • Training services – Particularly for your employees now working from home who may benefit from learning new areas, with training delivered online by our experts
  • Facilitation services – To maintain business continuity, we can help move projects forward in a remote project management environment, using through voice, video and tools such as Microsoft Teams
  • Process improvement advice/assistance - Particularly for business-critical processes that may now be impacted and may need to be revisited and/or streamlined

Rest assured that despite the current crisis, our services and specialists are just a call away. Our dedication to our clients and exceptional customer service comes whether or not we are in the same physical space with them. 

Please feel free to email us with your queries on how staff augmentation can help meet your unique business needs.

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