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Do you want to notice significant success in your business?

If yes, then use your data. Make it work for you and leverage the insights to make the right fact-based decisions. You’ll unveil surprising stories hidden in your existing data once you are curious and open to seek, and accept, new knowledge.

Think big but start small – take the first step to implement your business intelligence solution today, and make a noteworthy difference to your business. Especially because business intelligence solutions help you regain, evaluate and transform data. 

Make room to play with data

It is easy to get started with business intelligence. Many employees reach their goals on their own after spending a brief amount of time with Microsoft Power BI solutions. As the software is integrated with the company’s business systems, it is easy to access updated data—the main idea behind ‘self-service BI.'

Make the Power BI tool and organizational data readily available and accessible. The value of new insights you discover can be compelling.

How to measure the value of your business intelligence investment?

Is it achievable and measurable? Yes, the value you gain from your business intelligence investment is immense, but only when you know what you are measuring. This value depends on what you are looking for and what you intend to achieve with the insights you gain. You need to know your data to use it effectively. As you know, you cannot obtain the best results without having control over your data and investing in learning tools.

Build an integrated strategy

Make sure your dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI) are closely linked to your mission, vision and strategy - this is the mindset that feeds strategic, tactical and operational activities. It creates a basis for you to gain insights into both new business opportunities and current situations. It also paves the way to possibilities that you can adapt and respond to, and test, quickly.

This practice ensures you weave the ‘red thread’ from your strategy to everyday operations. I have seen many delighted customers over the years after they witness the end results. They have all experienced the added value of their Power BI solution in enabling their employees to make decisions independently. These employees now have a deeper understanding of how they contribute positively to the organization’s mission and support its growth through their everyday activities. This was not possible through their monthly and quarterly information meetings with the management.

If you measure everything, you measure nothing

Stay focused – target only a few relevant KPIs that are mission critical and useful in adjusting behaviors and processes that support your growth and strategy.

The greatest joy and success for me is when I, along with my clients, ensure efficient implementation, higher user satisfaction, and realize a measurable profit on their investment.


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