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There are several hurdles to cross while managing an ERP project. Risk management, staffing, unreasonable schedule deadlines, budget funding, resistance to change – the list of challenges that project managers face goes on and on.

At the end of the project lifecycle, why do we feel resentful?

It’s the break between the promise of an ERP system and the business value delivered once the project has been deployed. This includes enormous cost overruns, missed deadlines and even abandoned implementations.

So, how can a successful ERP project manager come out with flying colors while managing a complex assignment? An efficient ERP project manager must be flexible, disciplined and good decision maker. He/she must motivate their staff, inject their ERP experience into business operations and ensure that all loose ends are tied.

Once your project manager is set to begin, here are few tips and tricks to avoid the headaches and lead the project to success.

  • Deciding the project scope must be a top priority across all engaged members to minimize scope creep
  • Ongoing management of risk on the ERP Project needs to be upheld
  • Discover gaps upfront as much as possible by a strong analysis to understand business process and align it to fit the ERP system
  • Pick the right staff for the job on grounds such as subject matter expertise in each of your key business areas and hold them accountable
  • Prevent knowledge drain as consultants leave the project and end users operate in the ERP by making sure they work hand in hand through the implementation
  • Project scheduling with a clear, laid out project plan for all resources engaged
  • Interfacing with other systems must be properly prioritized into pre go-live vs. post go-live work, so ERP team members can focus on immediate needs
  • Monitor progress through scheduled reviews at least once a week and track progress carefully against the original plan
  • Manage disorder by guiding the project with a firm, practiced hand that both encourages project team members to find new ways to innovate, and at the same time, ensures that everyone and everything is moving in the right direction

Project management is more than meets the eye. It’s a skill that requires you to analyze setbacks and assign new priorities constantly. In the end, the project can be implemented without any hassle, if you overcome the challenges that accompany with it.

Project managers are vital during ERP implementation


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