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Kaba Lodging Systems

Client Story

“I am very glad we chose CSG as our partner for our (upgrade) project. We knew the CSG team had the expertise and experience to help us achieve this very important project, and we were right! The CSG team made a difference – especially during the analysis phase because at that time, we did not have the expertise to understand what we needed to do and how. CSG’s work in that analysis phase and their support and training definitely made the difference in the project and enabled us to do more work on our own and limit the cost of outside consulting. Thanks again CSG for helping us make this project a success!”

Michel Guénette, Director Information Technology

About Kaba Lodging Systems

Kaba Australia Pty Limited is a member of the worldwide Kaba Group with around 50 staff in Australia. Kaba has become an important security leader in Australia providing access control systems and secure door hardware to a range of industries. The Kaba Group has incorporated renowned companies such as Ilco, Unican, Silca, Saflok, LA Gard, Mas Hamilton, Gege and Boyd and has been named as one of Forbes Global Magazine’s 20 best small companies in the world.