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Ridley Inc.

Client Story

“The team at CSG has done a great job of helping us here at Ridley, Inc. to launch and expand our data warehouse and also implement our business intelligence tool Targit. Thank you to a team of professional and dedicated programmers and analysts who helped us resolve data issues and fine tune our system performance. Ridley, Inc. looks forward to working with CSG to upgrade our system to Dynamics AX 2012.”

Chris Schull, Director of Information Technology

About Ridley

Ridley Inc. manufactures and markets animal nutrition and health products and services to meat, milk and egg producers, and companion animal and equine owners throughout North America. The thousands of products we sell include complete feed and premixes, meal, pellets and blocks. These products are offered in bulk and many different sizes, bags, and barrels. Our services include nutrition and sales support for retailers.