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Muffin Town

ERP for bakery operations
Bakery specific functionality

Leading baked good manufacturer and distributor experiences unprecedented growth, improved communications, time savings and cost reductions.

J.S.B. Industries optimized production, managed expanding customer demand and kept profit margins high creating an unprecedented twenty-percent sales growth with the implementation of ColumbusFood.

Since its inception in 1978, J.S.B Industries dba Muffin Town has grown exponentially, however outdated software had halted expansion and sidelined the potential for future growth.

For the last fifteen years, Muffin Town relied on MAS 90 to meet their accounting and operational needs. However, Muffin Town’s employees relied on manual processes to operate the business day-to-day. Employees had to complete visual stock confirmations to obtain accurate information and were required to store information in multiple disparate spreadsheets to manage daily operations. “I spent up to 60% of my time patching things together. I dreaded it,” says Brian Anderson, Vice President, Information Technology, Muffin Town.

Realizing this Muffin Town’s management team sought a solution that could help support their business’ current and future growth goals.


Muffin Town conducted a thorough evaluation of vertical specific solutions to meet their unique needs and requirements. Management sought a solution that could be future proof and user friendly and easy for employees to learn. In addition, Muffin Town required a solution with robust food processing functionality that could help them manage their growing customer base and 24 hour production schedule that produced over 1 million muffins per week.

I don’t know how I would run the business without ColumbusFood. I don’t know if we would be in business right now if it weren’t for the implementation.

Brian Anderson

Vice President, Information Technology, Muffin Town

Muffin Town selected ColumbusFood built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. ColumbusFood offered a team of industry professionals and provided Muffin Town the specific food processing functionality that they sought, including: Formulation, Production Planning and Production Control. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s familiar Microsoft Office look fulfilled management’s need for a solution that would be easy for their employees to use and learn.

Industry Specific Functionality

ColumbusFood provided Muffin Town industry specific functionality that could meet their current and future business needs. Formulation capabilities allowed Muffin Town to fully define the methodology used in manufacturing their extensive line of various baked products. With this functionality they were able to create formulas and assign ingredients to these procedures.

Production Planning and scheduling was utilized for both make-to-order and make-to-stock forecasts. This provided Muffin Town the capability to take forecasted amounts into account along with existing sales orders when determining demand for a particular item.

Production Control provided robust production control functionality that many food processors require. Ingredients were tied to formulas which allowed Muffin Town to automatically report the consumption of raw materials when the production of an intermediate was recorded. Most importantly, the individual user maintained complete control at all times and could manually modify the values based on previous settings.

A Partner with Deep Industry Expertise

Selecting ColumbusFood as a strategic partner was an obvious based on their team member’s deep industry expertise and in depth knowledge of Microsoft’s technology stack. “Implementation went great. We worked one on one with the Columbus team. The whole team caught on better than I expected and we went ‘live’ better and smoother than expected. I liked Columbus, the solution, and the people that we worked with throughout the process. I could tell by looking at the solution it was the software for us, it was customizable, provided easy reports, and we can get a lot of data out of the database,” says Anderson.


“I don’t know how I would run the business without ColumbusFood’s solution, I don’t know if we would be in business right now if it weren’t for the implementation,” explains Anderson.

Integration of all aspects of inventory, production, quality control, purchasing and accounting have given Muffin Town great pride in their quality products and services and renewed hope for continued success in the ever-expanding growth years to come.

“ColumbusFood has allowed us to produce more products without running out of product and packaging. It tells us when to reorder, when to ship. Before we constantly ran out of things, not anymore,” says Anderson.

“A twenty percent increase in sales, we are going to grow out of this building; we can’t keep up! I wish we had bought ColumbusFood years earlier. If we hadn’t purchased when we did I can’t imagine what would have happened.”

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