We Know Dairy

ColumbusFood for dairy companies spans the entire enterprise, automating finance, sales operations, customer relations, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and compliance. ColumbusFood allows dairy companies to optimize their processes and produce and distribute a high quality product that meets ever changing food safety regulations.

Key Features include:

  • Catch Weights/Dual Unit of Measure
  • Commodity Costing/Payment
  • Co-Product/By-Product
  • Aging
  • Enhanced Pricing
  • Lot Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Supply Driven Planning

Columbus TV: Dairy Know How

Have a few minutes? Check out Columbus' short demo videos below to see the key functionality found in ColumbusFood and how dairy companies are able to create efficiency and operate effectively.


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Functionality Overview:

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Dual Unit of Measure:

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Item Lot Attributes:

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Quality Control &
Process Data Collection:

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Allergen Management:

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Our Customers

Noosa Youghurt
Klondike Cheese
Tropical Cheese
Bel Gioioso