Track the status and history of containers from drums to totes to railcars.

Returnable Containers

All containers can be serialized and traced; drums, totes, railcars etc. The status of on-site containers can be viewed; indicating, empty or packed (including contents). On-Site and Off-Site inventory is available at any time. Weight and capacity information is captured allowing each container to be valued and stored by actual weight.

Returns Process

Container history is readily available to facilitate the return process.

Customer Container Options

Items can be packed in unlimited container types. Customers can then specify how items are packed at the time of sales order entry.

Lot Tracking

Lot information can be tied to one or many containers, providing the capability of lot tracking by container.

Container Ledger

Container history is captured to determine container route, contents and the container condition when returned. The container ledger tracks the life history of a serialized container.

Tracking containers in the food manufacturing and distribution industry

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