Control spending on marketing plans

Increase control on trade spending through integrated setup, accrual, tracking and payment of various types of marketing plans.

Promotions and Rebates

Customer Rebates allow a user to predefine a variety of rebate or off-invoice allowance programs. Program can accrue amounts to be “paid” to a defined entity at a later time based on sales transactions or reduce/increase amounts on orders/invoices.

Plans for non-sales transaction based activities can also be defined, accrued for, tracked and paid. These plans are frequently calendar based and include activities such as slotting fees, co-op advertising, etc.

Plan “payments” can take many forms, including Credit Memos to customers, a check to a customer or other entity, such as a distributor, a customer’s customer or other third party. Frequently customers will deduct rebates or other amounts earned for other types of programs. ColumbusFood’s Promo/Rebate system is integrated with our Deduction Management system to allow efficient settlement of deductions associated with Promo/Rebate plans.

Vendor Promotions and Rebates

Vendor Promo/Rebate plans can also be setup and used in a very similar fashion to customer plans, to handle promotion and rebates you have arranged with your vendors.


The Promo/Rebate module is also used to accrue complex commissions where the commission parameters vary down to the customer/product level. Commission plan setup is very similar to Promo/Rebate plan setup and can even handle split commission plans and multiple plans per salesperson.

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

With ColumbusFood plan definition is very flexible, allowing for almost any combination of customers and items to be defined, along with various types of groups of customers and items. All plans have Start and End dates, plans can have different rates, and even different calculation methods, for different items or groups of items. Plans can also take advantage of ColumbusFood’s alternate units of measure, for instance, calculate rebates based on pounds for items sold by the case, or on Catch Weights.

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