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    14 August, 2017
    How IoT can build additional revenue streams for discrete manufacturers

    If you speak to any discrete manufacturer, they will tell you that it’s getting even tougher to stand out to prospects and even their own customers with traditional product/service offerings.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    27 July, 2017
    A guide to solving compliance problems for discrete manufacturers

    Non-compliance has the ability to destroy the reputation of any company, and its balance sheet, overnight.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    29 June, 2017
    5 reasons discrete manufacturers struggle to maximize the use of assets

    Yet again, the discrete manufacturing industry is under pressure. With increased competition and a more demanding customer base forcing many manufacturers to look for new ways to increase their bottom line, it’s no surprise asset life extension is a popular topic.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Systems integration to accelerate business
    A Strategic View of Systems Integration

    Systems integrations can accelerate your business strategy

    Categories: Digital Transformation, Food, Manufacturing

    Disruption in the Manufacturing Sector
    Disruption In Manufacturing

    Get an idea of manufacturing companies’ strategies in managing disruption and transformation.

    Categories: Disruption, Leadership, Manufacturing

    Video - Why Manufacturers Should Move To The Cloud
    Why should manufacturers move to the cloud

    In the cloud, manufacturers can take advantage of the most powerful analytical tools available today.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Digital transformation with Columbus

    Improving the value realization of business application investments.

    Categories: Retail, Manufacturing, Food, Corporate, Digital Transformation

    10 Customer Successes
    Manufacturing ERP Success Stories

    Transforming businesses, mitigating risk, building lasting relationships.

    Categories: Manufacturing

    Support for critical business applications
    Enterprise Class Support for Critical Business Applications

    Our approach to providing support is based on the fundament that “your system is unique and so is your business”.

    Categories: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Food, Retail, Manufacturing

    eCommerce and Multi Channel Solutions for ERP
    eCommerce and Multi Channel Solutions

    Ecommerce and multi-channel selling for B2C and B2B companies.

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing

    E-Commerce White Paper
    E Commerce For B2B and B2C Companies

    B2C and B2B companies find growth in e-commerce.

    Categories: Food, Retail, Manufacturing

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    Maximize The Long Term Benefits of ERP

    BPM enables companies to reap the long-term, transformative benefits of ERP.

    Categories: Manufacturing